Man raised questions in Pakistan for wearing shorts of female footballers, people reprimanded

Pakistan National Women’s Football Team: A Pakistani journalist objected to the National Women’s Football Team players wearing shorts during a tournament, after which he was criticized. faced. The journalist objected soon after Pakistan defeated Maldives by seven goals in the ongoing SAIF Championship in Kathmandu.

Participating in international tournaments after a long hiatus, the Indian women’s team registered its first win in the championship in eight years but the correspondent covering the tournament preferred to focus on the players’ kit.

In the press conference after the match the correspondent asked the team manager and other officials, ‘‘As you know that we belong to Islamic Republic of Pakistan which is an Islamic country, I want to ask that these girls Why is she wearing shorts, why not leggings?’’ Many slammed the reporter for not focusing on the players’ clothing and achievements, and praised British-Pakistani footballer Nadia Khan for scoring four out of seven goals.

The coach gave this answer

The coach of the national team, Adil Rizki, apparently astonished by this question, said that ‘everyone should be progressive’ in sports. He said, ‘‘As far as the dress is concerned, we have never tried to stop anyone, it is something we do not control.’’ 

People reprimanded Pakistan journalist

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