Many new features come together on Instagram, now you will be able to share posts with friends on one click

As the users of the social media platform Instagram are increasing. Similarly, its features are also increasing. The company is constantly updating itself to give more and more options to its users. In this episode, the company has added some more new features on its platform. Many of these are quite amazing and their use will provide a different convenience. Let us know one by one what are all these options and how will they work.

1. Quick post sharing option

With the help of this feature, you will be able to share Instagram post with your friends fast on one click. When you press for a while on any post or feed, then the option of share will come. During this, immediately you will see the names of your favorite friends ie people with whom you have had conversations recently.

2. Now Messaging Easier

In this feature you will get the option to go straight to the inbox without leaving your feed. After this you can also reply directly to your friends. Overall, with the help of this feature, you can easily open the tab with messaging.

3. Poll option in messaging

4. Chat Theme

Right now when you chat on Instagram, you see the theme of the users background in common ie black and white, but under this feature you can now edit the chat background.

5. Silent Alternatives

Instagram has added this feature keeping in mind the convenience of the users. Under this, the @Silent feature has been included in it. This feature does not give you sound notifications when you are busy or sleeping late at night. This saves you from being disturbed.

6. Will soon get the option to share music

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