Many Twitter employees left the meeting when Elon Musk started speaking – report

Elon Musk Twitter: Everything is not going well in Twitter. Elon Musk, the new owner of the social media platform and the world’s richest man, has made many changes in the company according to his own. These changes are directly affecting the jobs of the employees. It has been told in the report of the media outlet that when Elon Musk was meeting with his employees on Thursday, during that time many employees left the meeting. Musk continued to speak at the meeting, and many employees left the meeting midway, as they had already made up their minds to resign.

Actually, it all started after a new ultimatum from Elon Musk. On Wednesday, Musk gave a ‘hardcore work’ ultimatum to the company’s employees and through a Google form it was asked whether the employees were ready to work on this policy, if not, they could leave the company and they would be given three months. Salary will be given. Unhappy with this policy of the company, many employees submitted their resignations. According to a Bloomberg report, Twitter’s work has been affected to a great extent since the resignations and Twitter has also decided to close the office.

Twitter erupts as soon as Musk arrives

According to media reports, Musk has asked the employees to help them to make the company successful. "highcore" need to be. Let us tell you that last month Musk had acquired the social media company for US$ 44 billion. He fired around 3,500 Twitter employees, including more than 200 employees in India. Elon Musk is also facing constant criticism for his decision.

NYT report said  "Laying off so many employees in such a short period of time has raised questions about how effectively Twitter will continue to operate." In the report, quoting an FAQ of the company, it was said that the employees "Will have to do maximum work from office" And "Must work the necessary hours to perform their job at the highest level."

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