Many types of diseases can spread after floods in Pakistan, know what WHO said

Pakistan Flood: The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed the possibility of an outbreak of water-borne diseases in Pakistan in the wake of the devastating floods. WHO Chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in a statement that water supply has been disrupted in the flood-affected areas of Pakistan, people are not getting pure water and it can lead to cholera and other diseases. WHO has advised the flood-affected areas of Pakistan, and especially the people of the worst-hit Sindh province, to take extra precautions.

Immediate health services have to be improved-WHO< /p>

Tedros said on Saturday that stagnant water can cause mosquito breeding, which can spread diseases like malaria and dengue. Disruption of health services has increased the risk of unsafe births, diabetes and heart diseases. Along with this, vaccination of children will also be hindered. The organization said that if this danger is to be reduced, then health services will have to be improved with immediate effect. WHO is helping Pakistan in this matter.

Children are vulnerable to diseases 

United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (Unicef) The malnourished children are battling diarrhoea, dengue, fever and several painful skin diseases, said its representative Abdullah Fadil on Friday after a two-day visit to the flood-affected areas. 528 children have died due to diseases. 

Crores of loss due to flood

The figure of those who lost their lives in this natural disaster is now Has reached close to 1500. The situation has become so bad due to floods in the country that lakhs of people are forced to sleep in the open. In Pakistan with a population of 220 million, about 33 million people have been badly affected by the rains. It is estimated that there has been a loss of about $ 30 billion including homes, vehicles, food and live stock i.e. livestock.

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