Marathon runner Harikesh, who went to America dreaming of gold medal in Olympics, reached jail, family sought help

Gorakhpur News: Dreaming of winning a gold medal in the Olympics for India, Marathon runner Harikesh reached A‍Merica while running through the village trails. In America, the police have put him in jail. After which his father has appealed to the Government of India. P‍ita alleges that he has been arrested in connection with the recovery of two kidnapped girls from the hotel where he has been working part time to meet his expenses. It is alleged that he has been implicated under conspiracy. 

America arrived with the dream of getting a medal

Harikesh, a resident of Ahiroli village of Chaurichaura, Gorakhpur. The ones are. His father’s name is Vish‍Vanath Maurya. On the strength of his hard work and ability, he had reached America five years ago with the dream of getting India a medal in the Olympics. While living here, he also won medals from many countries. He joined a part time job in a hotel so that there was no obstacle in the preparation. Harikesh was on leave on the night of February 17, the same night a miscreant kidnapped two girls and kept them in the booked room in the hotel. When Harikesh came on duty in the morning after shift change, he came to know about the whole incident.

Jail for kidnapping of girls

Red During this, when both the girls met from the hotel, the miscreant escaped from there and after that the police arrested Harikesh. He has been imprisoned in the Colorado Adamas Country Jail Denver in the US for three months. His trial is ongoing at Country Court House 505 Harrison Ave, Leadville Le CO 80461. Harikesh has won medals by running marathons in 15 countries. In the year 2022, he participated in many marathons to be held in America and won the gold medal in it.

UP Politics: ‘Isn’t it injustice to keep Azam Khan in jail for two years’ In view of this, he got selected in a camp in Colorado where he was also taking training. Since the year 2017, he is taking training in America. He had financial trouble during the Corona period, so his father helped him by selling his land and sending him money. Harikesh was taking training there at his personal expense. Seeing his passion and dedication, father Vishwanath Maurya even helped him financially by selling most of his agricultural land.
Harikesh started preparing for the marathon from the age of 15. He has won gold and silver medals while running in a total of 15 countries including Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Indonesia, Nepal, Ethiopia, Nigeria, after which he went to America with the dream of getting India a medal in the Olympics. The family has now appealed to the Government of India for help. He has sought help by sending letters to PMO, Ministry of External Affairs, Sports Ministry, UP CM Yogi Adityanath and Gorakhpur District Magistrate. He hopes that the central government will definitely help him. 

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