Mariupol has been ruined in Russia-Ukraine war, even after 47 days the sound of bomb blasts can be heard

Scenes of devastation on the streets
As soon as the Donbass’s Mariupol enters the city of Donetsk, it becomes clear how fierce the war between Russia and Ukraine is. There is no such building left in the city that has not been attacked by missiles, or bombs have not been dropped. Residential buildings, theatres, cinema halls, malls, restaurants have all been burnt down. There have been huge potholes in the roads due to bomb blasts. Broken and burnt cars, buses and trams were seen lying everywhere on the road. At the same time, temporary check posts of the Russian army and Donetsk militia remained. Every passing vehicle was being searched only after being allowed out on the road.

Russia-Ukraine separate claims about theatre
ABP News team was doing ground reporting in the city-centre of Mariupol city, at the same time the sound of bomb blasts started there. happened. There was shelling going on nearby. The officers of the Russian army immediately instructed us to move to a safer place from there. Because staying there for a long time was not free from danger. After this we reached the theater of Mariupol in which 300-400 people were killed in the shelling.‌ During the war, it was claimed by Ukraine that local civilians had taken refuge here to avoid bombing by the Russian army. But the Russian army alleges that the Ukrainian army had made this theater a base for its ammunition store.

people queue to exit Donetsk
Please inform that Russia has declared Donetsk a separate country. The President of Ukraine, Zelensky, has also said that it is impossible to bring the Donbass back to Ukraine. This is the reason that the city of Mariupol is now occupied by the Russian army and the Donetsk militia. There is a queue of people on the outskirts of the city to get out of the city safely. That’s because their houses inside the city have been completely destroyed. Now they have become tempted to even the roof to live. The few people who are left in the city are cooking their food in the open park and sleeping there at night. The people of Mariupol have become infatuated even for drinking water. 

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