Mayawati’s first reaction on Agnipath, these allegations against the government, appealed to those who committed violence

Mayawati said in a series of tweets- "At a time when apart from a handful of people, the vast population of the country, especially the youth, is forced to struggle tirelessly every day on the path of poverty, inflation, unemployment, stress, etc. The military recruitment scheme has disappointed and frustrated a lot."

Mayawati made this appeal to the youth
BSP Chief said- "It is the result of the Center over-limiting the number and possibilities of recruitment in railways, army and paramilitary forces, that especially the courageous youth of rural environment are feeling very helpless and cheated and their anger boils on seeing the future in the dark. It is necessary to handle it properly."

Former CM of UP  It is again requested to the Center that the future of the country should reconsider its decision by taking seriously the pain of these suffering youth and their future issue and must take the Parliament into confidence in such important matters related to the security of the country. There is also an appeal to the youth to exercise restraint. 


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