Mayonnaise Recipe: How to Make Eggless Mayonnaise at Home, Quick Note Recipe

Eggless Mayonnaise Recipe: Mayonnaise is very much liked by everyone these days. It is a thick cream used to garnish salads. Apart from this, putting it in Pizza Burger also  People eat. Its creamy texture enhances the taste of food manifold. It is a kind of sauce. These days mayonnaise is widely used for making sandwiches, burgers, pasta, pizza.
Materials for making mayonnaise-
  • Shakar-1 tsp
  • Rye powder-1 tsp
  • Selt-1 tsp
  • Milk-1 cup
  • maida-2 tsp
  • Vinegar-1 tsp
  • Black pepper-1 tsp
  • refined oil-1 tsp
How to Make Mayonnaise

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