MCD Election 2022: BJP put full force in the election, leader-minister-MLA-MP will campaign

MCD Election 2022: Municipal Corporation of Delhi election has become a question of prestige for BJP and the party is going to exert all its might to win the election. Big leaders, ministers, MLAs and MPs of BJP from many states will not only campaign in Delhi Municipal Corporation elections, but will also take command of the campaign while living in Delhi. BJP has deployed MPs, MLAs, state office bearers from about 6 states in Delhi for elections.

Delhi Municipal Corporation elections are going to be held in the capital Delhi in December. To say this is a municipal election, but the BJP is fighting it like an assembly election. BJP has put the duty of leaders, MLAs and MPs from many states in Delhi Municipal Corporation elections. Leaders from many states have also reached Delhi to handle the election work. BJP has put the leaders of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana and Rajasthan on duty in elections. These leaders have been given work according to the district, Lok Sabha and seats.

BJP puts in a lot of effort for every election

According to the BJP, whenever there is an election in the country, whether it is for an assembly or a big corporation, leaders from different states have been coming to handle the election work. Similarly, if there is an election in Delhi, then the leaders or office bearers who are available do the work of taking up the cause of election and election campaign. According to the party, BJP is like a family and everyone is a worker here. Whenever elections are held somewhere, the leaders of other states come there to work in the elections. Now there is an election in Delhi, so leaders and workers from different states have come here to work.

BJP has currently deployed state office bearers, leaders, MLAs and ministers from Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana and Rajasthan for election work in Delhi. They have been given different tasks in different areas and all of them will remain here till the elections are over.

BJP leaders-workers camped in Delhi

Apart from this, BJP has entrusted the work of different management in elections to many central office bearers like Union General Secretaries Sunil Bansal and Dushyant Gautam, leaders like Central Secretary Sunil Deodhar. All these leaders are camping in the Delhi BJP office, overseeing the election work, which includes campaigning, meetings, roadshows and door-to-door campaigns.

Soon in the election campaign of Municipal Corporation of Delhi, apart from big meetings, road shows and street meetings will also be held, in which many central leaders and ministers will participate. A plan is being prepared for this and the availability of leaders is being asked. The BJP has put all its might into this election. Let us tell you that BJP is in power in MCD for the last 15 years and is trying its best to stay in power even further.

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