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Neelu brings Barfi with her in corridor. Barfi ask why did you bring me here I asked you to be with Meet Ahlawat, your time is not right. Neelu say’s you are right Meet know about money please do something. Barfi ask what nonsense you are talking. Neelu says she knows I steal the money. Barfi says I ask you to use your brain and why did you steal. Neelu says you can scold me afterwards but stop Meet from telling Meet Ahlawat please help me. They see Meet walking towards Meet Ahlawat. Barfi see Tej walking downstair with his injured leg, she thinks before Meet tell everyone I have to stop her. She pick marbles and throw them towards Tej. Tej fall down. Meet hear him falling everyone wals to help me. Tej in pain. Ragini says I aks kids to keep there toys on place. Neelu hide the phone. Barfi ask them take him to his room for rest.

Everyone in room. Tej says I’m having unbearable pain Ram. Babita ask Sunaina to bring painkiller. Sunaina says it’s all finished. Meet says I’ll get it from shop. Barfi says take from Neelu’s room. Meet walk out. Barfi signal Neelu to check on her. Meet walk in room. Neelu lock her inside and walk away. Meet searching for medicine. Neelu brings medicine for Tej. Meet in room trying to open door. Meet shouting for help. Barfi ask Neelu where is Meet. Neelu says I don’t know she give me medicine and went. Barfi says how is that possible he is in pain and she left in between, go and take care of Meet Ahlawat see uf he need anything. Neelu leaves.

Meet struggling to open door.

Barfi at play bhajan so nobody is able to hear Meet calling for help.
Meet thinks I have been locked here inside. Barfi must have helped Neelu to lock me in here, she struggle to open door.

Neelu says to Barfi he is taking rest but for how long can we keep her in room, when what we will do. Barfi says she don’t have much time to prove her innocent after that whatever she will say wil trap herself don’t know she won’t be able to do anything.

Meet in room pray to god. Meet try to see out of key hole and thinks key must be inside key hole. She keep a book on floor and push key out of keyhole by help of safety pin.

Raj to Barfi so what if 48 hrs are about to over. Barfi says she promised to bring thief but she already missing because she steal the money and punish your Meet, I came here to remind you. Raj says no need to remind me and I’ll wait for my Meet. Barfi says okay wait for her and she walks away.

Key come out of keyhole and fall on book. She unlock gate and come out of eoom. Meet says know I’ll see how you will stop me. Everyone in hall praying. Raj see Meet upstairs and ask her to come down. Barfi thinks how did she come out of room and what if she tell Meet Ahlawat about Neelu. Meet looks at them says after seeing her face I can say she locked me inside. Raj says come fast it’s time for visarjan. Meet thinks I’ll tell after pooja.

Everyone enjoying. Meet with Ganesh idol, she give Neelu cold look. Barfi get’s call from hospital for some signature on documents related to her son. Barfi tell Neelu I won’t be able to come for visarjan so handle everything carefully and she leaves. Meet give idol to Meet Ahlawat says it’s your turn now when we brought to our home you were also present so now it’s your duty to send them back. Neelu also try to hold idol but Meet pust her and save her from falling. Meet says no need to worry everything is fine. Meet Ahlawat walks with idol. Neelu try to go but Meet stop him and ask why did you steal money, do you want me to be thief infront of everyone, I never thought you could do something, I was divorcing Meet Ahlawat for you, I was feeling pity for you, now answer me why did you steal. Neelu says yes I steal money but you provoked me to steal it, you cannot win everytime, you signed papers but took 6 months to buld your relation with my husband, now you want me to see you two getting along, I’m tiered of sharing him, have ever seen him talking to you, I can still see love in him for you, it feels like you can do anything to get him back, it’s all a lie you still love him and I can’t tolerate that, you are just stealing my husband and I’ll do anything to get him back. Meet says how wrong I was, I thought you are weak and alone but you are a fox, I feel bad for you. Neelu says I don’t care what you think I’m just care about my husband and I don’t want you to come in between us, I cannot tolerate you living here, you are the reason for family separation. Meet says stop your nonsense and we are connected by love and I’ll tell everyone you steal the money. Neelu hold her hand and says you won’t do it. Meet oush her hand says I dare you touch me again.

Raj and Meet together in room. Meet Ahlawat enter the room with bag. Neelu standing behind him. Meet Ahlawat says to Raj I stole the money and show him bag.

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