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Meet Ahlawat ask Meet are you really going, think one time what you will do there without me, you won’t be happy there. Meet says why won’t I be happy there, I’ll meet everyone mom, dadi and people from my colony and you have Taniya here. Meet Ahlawat says I want you and my baby, you know when I was reading that pregnancy book an article was written that mom should be happy and you won’t be happy there without my jokes. Meet says don’t worry I have spend my childhood there I won’t get bore their. Meet Ahlawat says you photoshoot too. Meet sars make arrengements for photoshoot and call me I’ll come. Meet Ahlawat take out his bag and says I’ll also go with you and live together and dad saidwe have to stick together. Meet says to her kid explain your dad not to be stubborn like a small child. Meet Ahlawat acts like baby is saying to come with him. Meet mocks Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat get’s sad. Meet says you have to understand I can’t take you. Meet Ahlawat give her cheeta as soft toy and says this will remind you of me.

Raj ask Tej about sweets. Tej says I have done everything. Masum hear everything and thinks everyone is doing drama for there daughter in law. Babita calls Ragini and aks where is Meet. Sunaina says she will be here. Taniya walks in and greet everyone and ask where is Meet Ahlawat. Babita says he qill be here and how is your preparation going on for photoshoot. Taniya says it’s going good we both have decided many things, we will make preparations early and then call Meet for photoshoot. Babita says that’s great. Meet and Meet Ahlawat walks downstairs. Taniya greet them and says to Meet I’m taking Golu with me because we have to make arrengements for photoshoot and they leave. Babita give Meet sweet curd and ask her to take care of herself. Raj give blessings to Meet. Tej and Hoshiyar call Meet. She walks to them. Hoshiyar and Tej suggest her not to go. Meet ask what are you trying to say. Tej says look at Taniya and Meet Ahlawat and warn her. Meet says don’t worry I trust him.

Anubha open door and gets excited after seeing Babita and Meet she hugs Meet and take her inside. Dadi get’s happy after seeing Meet. Meet greet her and says get ready for more responsibility. Anubha looks at Babita says I’m so sorry please come inside I waa lost in moment. Babita apologie to Anubha for her behaviour and says your daughter made me realised how wrong I was. Anubha says don’t worry it was your love for giving best things to your daughter in law. Babita says please look after her food habits she don’t follow correctly. Amma says don’t you worry I’ll handle her properly. Babita says to Meet don’t think that you can do anything over here, I’ll keep ans eye on you just like a schools pricipal. Meet says don’t worry. Babita says take proper care of your kid and says to Anubha if you need anything please call us we will be here and she leaves.

Meet Ahlawat and Taniya talking about there college days. Tej and Hoshiy keeping eye on them and discuss isn’t she getting too close to him. Taniya appreciate him for his transformation says I’m really impressed. Hoshiyar says I’ll flash light at her face. Meet Ahlawat thanks her. Hoshiyar reflect light at his face. Taniya go for call, Meet Ahlawat walks to them.

Anubha cooking in kitchen. Meet says it’s feel good after coming back to home and is this cooler new and she walks to kitchen. Anubha ask what are you doing here, you don’t like to cook food go out and wait. Meet looks at mixer and ask since when it’s not working and ask where is my toolkit I’ll repair it. Anubha give her wool and aks her to knit socks for her kid. Meet says you know I can’t do this. Anubha says don’t worry I’ll teach you. Meet imagine having knitted socks with her. Anubha tap her and says done with socks. Meet says you understood me again, well please get my toolkit after that I’ll learn this too. Anubha bring her tools and says say do whatever you want to do. Meet repair the mixer and says it’s done. Anubha says go take rest.

Tej and Hoshiyar disguised as gardener. Meet Ahlawat takes Tej name and he responds. Hoshiyar try to run he stop him and ask what are you doing here. Tej ask forget us you tell what you were doing with her chatting so much. He says nothing is happening we were talking about our college days. Hoshiyar says we mere making video and it’s our responsibility to take care of private property of Meet in her absence, I won’t let anyone steal you. Meet Ahlawat says we are college friends. Hoshiyar says shutup and says a girl and boy cannot be friends. Tej says listen Meet loves you a lot and she trusts you as well. Meet Ahlawat says Meet told you this right. Tej says yes but tell me what you were talking about. He says I was worried about Meet and thinking a lot about her so thought of talking to Taniya. Hoshiyar says you could have talked to us, we feel lonely. He says now I feel like meeting Meet again, he looks at Tej and says I have an idea.

Meet Anubha and Amma playing game. Someone ring doorbell. Amma says this must be milkman I asked him to get buffalo milk specially for you. Meet get up and open door. Meet Ahlawat disguised as milkman go inside. Meet ask what are you doing where are you going inside and threatens him. He says try to identify it’s me your husband. Meet in shock ask him what are you doing here that too in this outfit. He says I was feeling bad without my wife so I thought I need to do something for that and tell her story. Meet Ahlawat give her bouquet and tells her plan about his date. Meet says I’m wife of Meet Ahlawat and how can I go with you, you should leave or else I’ll shout. Meet Ahlawat beg her and says please don’t do and try to convince her. Meet says wait I’ll call mom and dadi. He says wait no they will make fun of me and don’t make me suffer, he sit down and says I won’t go and tells him about Tej and Hoshiyar how they are spying on me. Meet says then I should not be worried. Meet Ahlawat says you should be don’t what may happen with Taniya. Meet says I know how badly you love me. Meet Ahlawat try to make her feel jealous.


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