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Everyone clapping. Shagun say to Manmeet she is stone hearted won’t fall for you. Drunk Man ask Raj and Babita to take a selfie and consider Babita as an celebrity. Raj say you must be misunderstanding. Meet walk to her and ask him to leave them alone. Boy say Munni is here. She start her dance and everyone start enjoying with her. Everyone applauds.

Meet says to Raj and Babita we should leave from here. Raj says yes tell Manmeet and we will leave. Meet says forget his he decided to marry here let him enjoy the environment and start walking. Manmeet drinking come in there way and stop Meet, he perform for her, try to involve but Meet get’s uncomfortable and push him away.

Molki ask Gunwanti is Meet will our new daughter in law if this house. Gunwanti mocks her and walk away. Molki says to herself don’t forget I’m not Sapna and I won’t tolerate new wife for my husband.

Meet says to Manmeet tgis is not the way to won someone’s heart, you think I’ll say yes uf you act like drunk, don’t try to act this way you won’t be getting any space in my heart.

Molki walk in room open cupboard and look for poision, she finds it say this will be handy for me.

Meet says this environment is very wierd for us and say we all are leaving, Raj, Babita and Meet walk out of house.
Sarkar says to Manmeet don’t feel bad we will finish her story. Manmeet says if we will finish her then it will be difficult to take Mom’s revenge, give me sometime more I’ll bring her infront if my mom’s feet and ruin her life.

Molki walks to Raj, Meet abd Babita, she says we have ritual of eating paan when you leave. Meet say thanks but we don’t eat. Mokli says sometime in life you have to do stuff for the first time in life because of circumstances and offer them paan. Meet, Raj and Babita gave it. Molki remember mixing poision in paan thinks I know I’m doing sin but if she became wife what will I do in this house. Meet ask Raj and Babita to leave with car I’ll come by my bike.
Meet walk towards her bike but she fall down on ground. Manmeet and Sarkar walk out and see her on ground. Both pf them discussing about Meet how she will beg to get married. Sarkar says Imarti got played two times, first she thought she was getting married to her husband Narandra and second she thought that poision was real but actually it was Anesthetizing drug, everything worked well. Manmeet say now it’s time to hurt Meet so she say yes for marriage and nobody knows better then you Sarkar. Sarkar ask him to pick her up.

Everyone in temple worshiping. Jasodha remember her oath says time is near, my wish will come true.

Meet unconscious sitting in marriage getting married to Mahandra. Sarkar ask pandit to be quick or else she will wake up and everything will be ruined. Manmeet throw water in havan. Meet wakes up and find she is getting married. She get up remove jewellery say what is going on here first you try to get me married with Manmeet in panchayat and now you brought me here and try to marry me your married son. Sarkar says you disrespected my wife and I want to show you your actual place, want to see you tied near my goat’s that’s why you will marry today to my son. Meet say you won’t be able to do this to me. Manmeet says you trying to get her marry without her consent, this won’t be possible when him here. A man try to attack him but he stop him says do you forget everything how many times I have beaten your men. Meet say what kind of women you all are don’t you feel ashamed being a girl. Jasodha say it’s a good deed for me, we are accepting a widow in our house. Meet disrespect family member and say this is a prison and every women here is a machine to give birth and nothing else. Manmeet get’s angry and about to hit her. Sarkar hold his hand say have patience for sometime it’s not our time right now let her enjoy then we will handle her. Sarkar ask his men to make her sit. Manmeet walk forward and ask meet to run away. Meet say I won’t leave you alone. Manmeet ask her to leave or else I won’t be able to forgive myself if something happen to you. Meet remember her last few minutes with meet Ahlawat, he tell her we will meet again somewhere sometime.


Meet in hospital finds Manmeet in bed. Shagun throw her engagement ring on him say stay away from her what I’ll do now you are handicap, I don’t want to spend my life anymore with you, she looks at Meet says everything happen to him is just because of you, he lost his hand and you are the reason, you don’t want to marry him hut he lost his hand because of you. Manmeet looks at Meet thinks you eye’s are telling you are getting trapped in my plan.

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