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Ram, Meet Ahlawat and Babita reaches location and Ram ask Pandit to stop. Everyone separate them. Deep says try to understand I love her. Meet Ahlawat slaps Deep and shouts back off. Meet says don’t says them everything happening here is because of me. Meet Ahlawat shouts at Meet says what are you doing. Meet says stop don’t do it. Babita turn Meet and about to slap but stop and says on what basis I’ll slap you, today what you did a known person can do this, how dare you disrespect Ahlawat’s family and run away with Isha to get her married to him. Meet says Shanty is not a right guy for Isha. Babita says you are against Shanty but we know what is right for Isha and we are against Deep, he betrayed Meet Ahlawat, I won’t listen a word against him and on what basis you are saying Shanty is wrong, you ran away with Isha is that good, who am I asking question, running away is in her blood her sister ran away from marriage and same she is trying to do in our family but I won’t let you be successful, your actions have put me in doubt of your family, I feel like breaking all relation but my son love you a lot, she joins her hand and aays do us favour, tomorrow Isha is getting married till that time you won’t step in our house, you can go wherever you want I have no issues but don’t come to Ahlawat mansion, I don’t want Meet Hooda in my Isha’s marriage and ask Meet Ahlawat to go. He don’t walk. Babita says if you want you can stand here she have one more brother and she take Isha with her. Deep says to Meet Ahlawat I love her. Meet Ahlawat says you already know how good I was and now you will know how bad I’m, back off and he walk away with Gathbandhan chunri. Isha crying in car, Meet Ahlawat sit and they leave.
Meet oray to god I thought for the happiness of Isha, what you did.

Everyone in hall. Isha says to Ram I love Deep. Ram slaps him, everyone stop him for slapping again. Babita says it’s not her fault, it’s Meets fault, she is kid. Ram shouts atleast she should have thought about this. Masum says to Babita your decision is totally right. Raj walks in with Meet. Masum disrespect Meet. Raj says to Masum do I need to tell you again who own this house and says to Meet you are also equal member of this house like everyone and ask her to go inside. Babita waljs to Raj says you won’t forgive her today, she ran away with Isha and try to get her married to Deep who ruined our son’s life, I don’t understand why are you with her. Raj says I know she did wrong but it’s not right to throw her out of house. Babita ask then what is right, we should forgive her and let her ruin our reputation. Raj says no this is not right and I know you and everyone is hurt but listen to me we always deal with our problems inside the house, all of us together is our strength, we argue and disagree on many thoughts but we don’t create differences among eachother and I won’t let that happen in future, our daughter in law will not be removed from house. Babita says her actions have made differences, family means to take everyone but this girl is so insensitive and she doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings it’s easy for her to disrespect, you already have gone against me and you are repeating same but this time I’m scared that your daughter in law may become the reason of differences in this house that’s why I request you to send her away till the marriage is done. Raj says during marriage also she won’t go anywhere, she will be here and this is my request and decision. Babita says now this girl is more important for you then remember one thing I won’t pay for her actions and if I disrespect her then I won’t be responsible. Raj ask Meet to go in her room. Meet walks to her room.

Meet in her room remembers how Babita scold her and she gets call from Deep. Meep lock the door and picks phone. Deep ask is everything alright. Meet says yes for now. Deep says I know everyone must be hurt because of me, we shouldn’t have taken this step I’m not saying this because im scared but I know in these situations girls have to face much. Meet ask Deep you have to do one work and tell her. Deep says are you sure everything will be fine. Meet says I know Mamaji knows everything about his son, Meet Ahlawat doesn’t know how he is, when Meet Ahlawat and Babita will get to know they will get shock but it will help Isha from ruining her life, you have to do this for your friend. Deep says okay and disconnects call.

Raj says to Meet Ahlawat what my be the condition but husband and wife have not to loose eachother hand if everyone is against her you have to support her because she is not only your wife she is reputation of our house, marriage means a beautiful relation and it’s your exam and I know you will pass this exam. Babita says to Meet Ahlawat your dad is right husband and wife have to stick together and I also want that but not today if you supported her then it will be disastrous, let me remind you, you have some responsibilities for your family too now it’s your responsibility how you will control her.

Deep outside Ahlawat’s mansion acting like drunk and says Isha is my love and you all taken away from me, you have trapped her in this mansion I won’t go till the time you giver her back to me. Everyone come out in shock. Deep mocks them. Babita says to Meet are you seeing what is he doing I asked you to not to come in house now see what is happening. Raj says to Babita why do you always blame her for everything. Ram shouts who let you in, do you want to go to jail again. Deep says do whatever you want but I won’t let her get married to someone else. Meet thinks you act well Deep now quickly throw your card. Deep says I have a surprise for you all and he give video call to Abhay. Meet Ahlawat try to stop him. Deep says to Abhay me and Isha love eachother and want to get married but Ahlawat’s want that Isha should marry your son, I’m telling truth we both love eachother. Meet Ahlawat says he is talking rubbish. Deep says I’m not talking rubbish, he is telling lie and trying to fool you. Abhay says Meet Ahlawat stop we need to meet first before marriage because I don’t want anything happens afterward and says I’ll come there and talk to you. Ram calls guard and he walk to Deep push him and ask guards to throw him out. Deep says I’ll kill everyone is someone try to come close to me. Isha calls meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat shouts at Isha and says to Deep you are my friend that’s why you are standing, go away the way you came here or else I would do wrong with you. Deep says you already did wrong with me my friend. Meet Ahlawat push him away. Deep says bye to Isha and leave. Babita scared says Abhay is coming how will I face him, I promised him that nothing bad will happen now what I’ll say, if he break the marriage. Raj says keep quiet we will think something just relax. Meet thinks sometime we have to take wrong path and I’ll apologies to everyone when all of them will know the truth about Shanty.

Meet Ahlawat handcuffs Meet to a chair. Meet shouts release me. Meet Ahlawat says I cannot release you, you know when a human looses war, he looses because of his own people when they don’t support him in war, I cannot open these handcuffs.

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