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Everyone on hall. Meet thinks Mamaji will be trapped today in his trap only. Babita scared waiting for Abhay to come. Isha stand. Ram make her sit says you won’t move.

Shanty says to Abhay I’m ready but tell me why are we going we already know about Isha and Deep then why we have to act. Abhay says we know but Babitas family don’t know, Deep make a scene there few we will do so that they fell more shame because they hid from us and we will break this marriage. Shanty says you were asking me to get married so that truth don’t come out and now you are saying for breaking the marriage.

Ram says to Babita we should apologies to Abhay. Babita says we don’t have any other option because of Meet. Raj says to Meet Ahlawat you have a mark on shirt. Meet Ahlawat says I don’t know what mark it is hut it’s smell is familiar. Abhay walks in. Babita says please forgive me. Abhay says why did you hide that Isha love someone else, tomorrow is marriage and today we got to know about Isha, can you think what are we feeling. Ram says forgot everything. Abhay says now things have gone at extreme level that’s why I apologise and we cannot do this marriage. Everyone in shock. Isha get’s happy. Abhay says this family don’t know value of my son, we got many praposal for him but I thought we will get married in Ahlawat’s family and thought of making our relation strong. Meet thinks good you are on right track. Babita says I’m telling truth she is innocent, Deep ask her to do, I’m sure after marriage you will get no complaint from Isha, please don’t break marriage I beg you Isha will face lot’s of disrespect. Shany remembers Abhay telling him that we have to play smart and make them realise that we are doing favour to them. Babita says to Abhay I beg of you and sits in his peg. Abhay make her stand says what are you doing, don’t cry you are my younger sister. Babita says after mom dad only you are the one with blood relation. Abhay get’s emotional says I can’t see tears in your eyes, I’m doing this just for you and I accept this relation. Shanty says what are you doing. Abhay says when two elder are talking don’t come in between and says to Babita I’ll handle Shanty and I believe my son will love her a lot now stop staring me let’s have sweet.

Ragini brings juice for everyone. Meet with sweet goes to Raj says I’m also thinking same what you are thinking, after so much if scene why Abhay still want Shanty to get married to Isha. Meet Ahlawat looks at the mark on shirt. Sunaina ask him what happen. Meet Ahlawat says this smell is familiar but couldn’t understand what it is. Sunaina says it’s apple juice and he thinks that it was apple juice in Deep’s whiskey bottle. Ragini thanks Abhay for accepting Isha. Raj thinks what Meet said and says I want to ask everyone something, will this be right that our Isha marriage is a favour, Abhay said yes for marriage what if Shanty may have problem in future because of Isha and Deep’s relation, let’s consider he will forget but what about Isha then what we will do, Deep will come in between them and then what will happen, Deep can do same at there house too then again same fight and will reach to a level that may affect both houses. Abhay ask what are you trying to say. Raj says to Abhay that your thoughts were right we can’t do this marriage. Everyone gets shocked. Raj says marrige is for lifelong and there should be no pressure in this relation, if today we will break this relation we will get sad but if this happens after marriage then there will be a bif void between two families that’s why I’m against this. Meet thinks did Deep and Meet created drama and called Mam to brak relation and after that she provoked dad. Abhay says okay and try to leave. Babita and Ram stops him. Abhay says thanks to Raj. Babita says to Meet Ahlawat this relation is broken just because of your wife now see what happen everything is finished, I’ll never forgive her. Meet Ahlawat ask Abhay to stop, he walks to him and says I believe we should give another chance to this relation and says to Dad it’s difficult to maintain relation with a knot and I disagree that because you all know my story that before marriage I use to love Manushi a lot and when she ditched me I got hurt a lot but Meet became my wife and our relation started with a knot, I don’t like to see her face I use to hate her and Meet also didn’t love me at all but gradually we everything related to Manushi gone out of my head and I started loving her. Meet says yes. Meet Ahlawat says so if we give Shanty and Isha one more chance for spend there life together and give time with eachother then there will be time that they start loving eachother and it’s good that this topic came out infront of everyone because if we carry on with function then will be do it with pure thoughts and I totally believe that we should give one more chance. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat stop it. He says that’s what I’m saying stop it and ask Shanty will you accept my sister after knowing the truth, I know it’s hard to answer right now but I being a brother I can guarantee you that she is the best sister in world, she have pure heart and she love and care a lot, so will you accept her and this family after everything. Shanty says to him nobody have to tell me how Isha is and I love her I’ll accept her in any condition, I also believe in second chance like you so I’m coming tomorrow to take Isha forever. Babita rush to Abhay and hugs her. Shanty says to Meet make my wife dress well for tomorrow. Meet thinks I’ll make my handcuffs ready for you because truth always win.



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