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Barfi give Deep a ring for his ring ceremony. Everyone excited and happy for them. Babita give Isha her ring she make him wear and everyone applauds for them. Barfi says I have a thought should I say. Babita says yes. Barfi says I feel like taking Isha home today itself with all the marriage rituals. Babita says that’s a good joke. Barfi says why I’ll joke, I cant stay away from my Lakshmi anymore it’s a good time so let’s get them married and thinks before Manjari create any mess and I have to suffer it’s better Isha and Deep get’s married today and taunts Manjari by saying I’m saying right yes Meet. Meet thinks I was planning to find a way in teo days but I think she read my mind, she is smart. Meet Ahlawat says I understand your emotions but all the arrengements are done for resort. Babita says Isha is the youngest in this family so we have few thoughts about her. Barfi says look at there faces how happy they look and in marriage you only need Groom, Bride and pandit rest all people just have food and leave, so what is the problem let’s get them married today. Raj says I felt good after seeing your love for kids but we need some time to think. Meet thinks please give a solid reason and says they can’t marry today. Ragini says to Raj if they get married today or after 2 days they already accepted eachother so why not let them marry today. Raj says I understand what you are saying but we need time to atleast think. Ram try to convince Raj and says if you are ready we can do it today. Raj says if everyone want this so they will get married today. Meet thinks she turned the game but I won’t let Isha fall in trap I need to find out something. Deep says to Isha don’t worry I’ll help you to pack. Isha says I just need you and nothing else. Barfi says so let’s celebrate and have sweet, she ask Manjari to have first and force her to eat while taunting her. Manjari says you are Groom’s mom so you should have first. Masum thinks why is Barfi always behind Manjari. Meet Ahlawat says to Raj me and Tej will do the arrengements for marriage. Sunaina says to Isha come with me I’ll get you ready for marriage. Ragini also leave. Barfi take Manjari to talk.

Manjari and Barfi in corridor. Barfi tease Manjari and says in some fay you will go but I want you should live here for few days and see Ahlawat’s getting ruined, since the time you came you never missed a chance to insult me in front of everyone now I’ll break your ego and you will fall down on your face now see how I’ll ruin Ahlawat’s infront of your eyes and take there wealth with all the respect and happiness and you won’t be able to do anything. Manjari shivering. Barfi ask what happen are you in shock, she mocks her and leave. Meet thinks if you try to harm my family I won’t leave, my anger won’t let you live peacefully. Meet follow her. Popat come in between. Meet says let me go it’s important. Popat says you are going to stop Ram and Ragini. Meet says not just to stop I’m going to return the idol to Raj and tell whole truth to Meet Ahlawat. Popat says when you will think about your life did you forget what you said in temple, you will loose your last chance of getting your baby, Manushi is waiting for your mistake so that she can cancel the deal, did you forget. Meet says no I remember everything, whatever Manushi did to me I remember but I have some responsibilities for this family too, other then Meet Ahlawat I have relationships with other family members too for them I can even kill myself I can’t see them getting destroyed, Barfi has planned everything to ruin this family, how can I ket that happens, Isha is already injured because of Shanty and now this you only tell me this is wrong. Popat scolds her and says what about your baby have you ever thought about him. Meet says we are not together but I know he will understand right now it’s important to save Isha and she start walking. Popat says listen I’m not with you in this decision, you are strong but not me.

Manushi looking for Manjari. Masum walks to Manushi says what are you doing here come let’s try starter they are low in carbs good for your health, come let’s try and she take her away.

Barfi in Raginis room seeing all the jewellery. Ram and Ragini walks to her. Ram says we have taken care of everything and here is the idol of goddess Lakshmi. Barfi take the Idol she looks at it and smile. Barfi ask have you kept everything according to your daughter’s weight. Ram and Ragini says yes. Meet walk inside room and says to Barfi don’t think of taking Idol with you. Ram says to Manjari shutup or I’ll tell Raj everything. Manjari says till the time you will tell Raj I’ll take this Idol and go to Meet Ahlawat and if it’s my lucky day then I’ll tell everyone how she is taking dowry from you. Manjari try to walk out but Ram and Ragini stop her. Manjari says instead of stopping me you should stop this relation from happening and she will make Isha’s life hell, you only tell me do you want to read news of Isha in newspaper where you see articles of girls being tortured because of dowry and sometimes they are even killed, Isha and Deep love eachother and I also want them to get married but she is exploiting you and in this way Isha won’t live happily because after marriage she sill trouble Isha more and ask both of you to do something for her. Ram shouts at her says shutup. Manjari take the Idol and run away. Ram, Ragini and Barfi stop her from telling everyone.

Ram, Ragini and Barfi tie her and lock her in storage room. Barfi hit Meet on her head and Ram put her inside trunk.
Meet Ahlawat says everytime Manjari use to say she wants to attend marriage and when it’s time don’t know where she went. Meet Ahlawat calls her and find her phone on floor and says if her phone is here then where is she.
Meet kicking trunk from inside. Meet Ahlawat hear the sound

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