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Meet in trunk trying to escape. Meet Ahlawat step on dress accessory says this is of Manjaris dress, he hear the voice from store room he open it. Meet see him. Meet Ahlawat thinks is she in this trunk, he grab toolbox and break the lock with help of monkey wrench, he open the trunk and see Manjari inside he help her to get out and untie her. Meet Ahlawat ask her how did you get inside. Manjari says you have to stop this marriage, Chacha and Chachiji are under Barfi’s pressure and fulfilling her demands, Barfi is doing business. Meet Ahlawat ask her what are you saying tell me clearly. Manjari explain him everything and says they are giving lot of dowry, go save your sister, if you didn’t save her then my efforts and your sister’s future will be waste, Ram and Ragini are not in condition to think, you have to go and save her. Meet Ahlawat take Manjari with him.

Pandit ask to take Pehra. Meet Ahlawat shouts stop this marriage right now. Ram, Ragini and Barfi in shock. Babita says Manjari was in home. Meet Ahlawat and Manjari walks toward Deep. Meet Ahlawat ask Deep how much do you love my sister, why are you getting married because you love my sister or because Ram and Ragini is giving lot of dowry to you. Deep in shock says I live her that’s why I’m marrying her. Meet Ahlawat ask did you know your mom demanded for dowry tell. Deep says I have no idea. Meet Ahlawat says then tell you mom you will get married without dowry. Barfi says he won’t say a word he is my child, since childhood he never said a word to me. Meet Ahlawat says so let me tell you one thing we are not doing business here. Babita ask Meet Ahlawat what are you saying. Meet Ahlawat says gold is other thing Godess Lakshmi’s idol is been demanded which was given to Dad by our Guruji and says to Barfi I’m respecting you because you are mother of my childhood friend and Isha’s future mother in law but let me tell you one thing you won’t be getting anything from this family. Manjari says if you have to take anything is responsibility and love so that a girl make there in-law as there family and life happiness is great then any dowry, she tell to Isha that I have no intentions to break your marriage, you have accepted me as your sister so whatever I’m doing is for your happiness and for other girls too who loose there life because of dowry, this is not right, if one time you accept all this then greed will increase and pain in your family too. Manushi thinks I warned her but still she didn’t listened me. Barfi says keep your ritual with you and if you are talking about my Deep’s happiness I’ll bring great girls for him and disrespect Isha, she ask Deep not to marry and break the marriage. Meet Ahlawat says if I want can call police they will drag you and your son out in case of dowry, you won’t get anything no dowry and still if you want to marry your son you can do but we won’t send Isha to a greedy family, so take your son and walk away and ask Deep to go out. Isha get’s scared. Barfi walks to Deep and take him with herself. Barfi throw the pooja thali from Pandits hand and walk away. Ragini rush to Barfi says wait please don’t go, I’ll give you whatever you want I’ll talk to Meet Ahlawat. Barfi says you can’t do anything. Ram says I’ll talk to him, he try to convince Meet Ahlawat says keep whatever is in mine but let this marriage happen, you know what all isha has suffered, she love Deep. He says I know everything, I’m standing in between Deep and Isha because I want her to stay happy and if this happens she won’t be try to understand it’s wrong. Ragini says these gifts are not more worth then Isha’s happiness. Meet Ahlawat says we gift with happiness and if you are talking about gift I can give 100 times more then these for my sister but everything is been demanded from us. Meet Ahlawat says there was time when we thought Shanty is the best life partner for Isha but then what happen his true face came infront of everyone, I still feel pain when I think about that, today she is not taking her as daughter in law, she is been sold and those gifts will fill her life with pain and Isha will be on same stage as she was earlier, thankgod Manjari told me everything. Ram says whatever today is happening is because of Manjari, he walks to her bring her to meet Ahlawat says today because of outsider you are ruining your sister’s life, you are worried about her but not Isha, try to think about your sister. Meet Ahlawat says yes I get to know from Manjari but I’m standing with her, being parents I understand but your decision are full of emotions. Ragini shouts it’s wrong, wrong is you are seeing right or wrong not your sister’s happiness because she is not your real sister. Barfi thinks I’m feeling so good after seeing this fight not I need to kick out Manjari then everyone will be ruined.

Barfi says to Deep go to your Isha I have seen you love her a lot but I request everyone that Manjari won’t be here in marriage. Ragini take Manjari out says you thought you are our Meet, stay away from our family and she throws her out.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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