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Goenka’s singhania’s and maheshwari’s family bond well together as their forefathers were friends. Even the children’s of this three family always roam and play together and they became friends while kartik and naira becomes very close friends than others since childhood. And even after the children’s grow up they are always together while kartik and naira’s friendship also becomes special and the families too becomes more closer..

character sketch:-

singhania family

Devyani Singhania:

mother of Naitik and Naman. Mother in law of Akshara and karishma. Grandmother of naira naksh and Bani.

Akshara and Naitik Singhania:

Parents of Naksh and Naira. Naitik is son of devyani and elder brother of Naman. Akshara is daughter of Rajshri and younger sister of Shaurya.

Karishma and Naman Singhania:

Parents of Mishti. Naman is son of devyani and younger brother of Naitik.

Naksh Singhania:

son of Akshara and Naitik. Elder brother of naira. Owner of krishna restaurant. Childhood friend of Abir , kartik ,Keerthi and veer..

Naira singhania:

Daughter of Akshara and Naitik. Younger sister of Naksh. Childhood friend of kartik, Abir ,veer and Keerthi. She is more close friend of kartik other than others..considers him as bestie. Girlfriend of Arjun.

Mishti singhania:

Daughter of Karishma and Naman. Cousin sister of Naksh and Naira. Childhood friend of Abir, veer ,kartik and Keerthi


Maheshwari family,

Rajshri Maheshwari:

mother of Shaurya and Akshara. Grandmother of naksh naira and Mishti.

Shaurya and varsha Maheshwari:

Parents of Bani. Shaurya is son of Rajshri and elder brother of Akshara.

Bani Maheshwari:

Daughter of Shaurya and varsha. Childhood friend of Abir ,veer ,kartik ,Keerthi ,naksh and naira..

Goenka Family:

Suhasini dadi:

Mother of Manish Akhilesh and Andy. Grandmother of Kartik ,Keerthi,Abir , Mansi and veer.

Swarna and Manish Goenka:

Parents of Kartik and Keerthi. Manish is son of Suhasini dadi and elder brother of Akhilesh and Andy.

Akhilesh and surekha:

Parents of Abir and Mansi. Akhilesh is son of Suhasini dadi and younger brother of Manish and elder brother of Andy.

Andy and sumitra Goenka:

Parents of Veer. Andy is son and Suhasini dadi and younger brother of Manish and Akhilesh.

Kartik Goenka

Elder son of Manish and swarna. Elder brother of Keerthi. Cousin of Abir, Mansi and veer. Childhood friend of Naksh, Mishti , naira and bani. Close friend of naira more than others..considers her as bestie. Boyfriend of Niya. Professor in Imperial College in mumbai.

Keerthi Goenka/bhansal:

Daughter of Manish and swarna. Younger sister of  kartik. Wife of Aditya. Cousin of Abir , Mansi and veer. Childhood friend of naksh ,naira, Mishti and bani.

Abir Goenka:

Son of Akhilesh and Surekha. Elder brother of Mansi. Cousin of kartik ,Keerthi and veer. Childhood friend of naksh ,naira ,Mishti and Bani. A famous singer..

Mansi Goenka:

Daughter of Akhilesh and Surekha. Younger sister of Abir. Cousin of kartik ,Keerthi and veer. Childhood friend of Naksh, Naira, Mishti and bani.

Veer Goenka:

Son of Andy and sumitra. Cousin of kartik, Keerthi , Abir and Mansi. Childhood friend of Naksh, Naira, Mishti and Bani. Owner of club resort and also continues the family business.


Aditya Bhansal:

Harassing husband of keerthi Goenka.

Niya Joshi:

Girlfriend of kartik Goenka.

Laksh Mathur:

Boyfriend of Naira Singhania.


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