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hey is the first episode.

A girl is seen getting ready in a bridal form..

Her cousin sister’s Mishti and bani comes and teases her.. look more beautiful than a princess. I don’t how will your lover and groom Arjun going to react.

Mishti:arrey..bani di..we should keep the ambulance ready as iam sure Arjun jijaji will get heart attack seeing our sister.

Bani:haan..haan rightly said.

Naira: stop teasing me ok? If you do so..then I’ll do triple times more in your both wedding..

Mishti and bani giggles.. call Arjun and give him a heart attack for some time..

Naira:yes..i should video call him and suprise him.

Naira video calls Arjun but he doesn’t pick and she tried in normal call too but he doesn’t pick that too which makes naira upset nd she throws the phone..

Naira:he is so stupid to ignore even my calls before there any traditional to avoid speaking even in phones along with not meeting each other?


Naira:then what’s wrong with him? Don’t his heart beat to see his gf for one last time before i turn his wife? Mad..

Bani laughs and..

Bani:calm down naira.. don’t get too irritated then your face won’t look like a fairy bride ok? Maybe he wants to control his heart to see you in mandap as he may lose consciousness if he sees you in phone..

Mishti:yes..bani di is right.

They both giggle but naira doesn’t gets pacified..

Naira:then what about normal call? If he doesn’t want to see me..then can’t he atleast talk with me huh?

Suddenly the boys gang enters (kartik, Naksh, veer, Abir)..

Naksh:arrey..why is my lovely sister has turned into angry bird now that too in her marriage day?

Mishti:bhai..Arjun jijaji hasn’t answered her call that’s why.

Kartik goes and pulls her cheeks..

Kartik:you know look so cute while you are angry. But anger doesn’t suitable for your bridal keep smiling. Don’t worry about Arjun..if we find him that he is avoiding you wantedly then we will kill him but don’t keep your face irritated for that..

Abir:haan..we are your best friends so we won’t let him make you angry. Now..i guess he will busy in getting don’t be angry on him now. But next time if he upsets you then we will punish him..

Naira:ok..ok.. don’t get too senti everyone..i will smile now.

Veer:then we will all take a selfie now..

Naksh veer kartik Abir Mishti and bani takes selfie with naira and their cherish their moment..

Suddenly kartik comes near naira and acts to cry..

Kartik:iam really feeling bad that you are getting married. You was only best friend who i can trouble you at even midnight but now you are going away to your husband.. from now i cant go outing with you or eat corns or kachoris or even i can’t even ask for any help…

Naira laughs and pinches his cheeks cutely..

Naira:you know one thing.. your acting skills always fails. You are acting as if iam permanently going away from you. Iam just getting married but that doesn’t mean i will leave our friendship moments..i will still come to you and go outing and eat everything and make fun with you.

Kartik hugs her..

Kartik:i know that you won’t leave me.. that’s why you are my special friend always.

Everyone smiles seeing them..

Bani: no one’s friendship can be like kartik and naira’s..i hope it remains like this till eternal even though kartik gets married too.


Kartik: our frienship will be always same till guys were scared about our friendship when we both found our love but that doesn’t affected and even this marriages won’t affect our i right naira?


They both hit each other hands as their frienship’s symbol and their smile..

Suddenly akshara and swarna enters..

Akshara:mahurat time has it’s time to take bride to the stage.

Swarna:yes..i guess you all would have enjoyed so now let’s take her.

Nara gets emotional and hugs akshara and even akshara gets emotional..

Naira:muma..i love you. I will miss you so much..i never dreamt of leaving you but..

Akshara:even i will also miss you dear. But what to do..every girls has to face this and even i faced this but soon you will get atached with your in laws as like your own family..

Naira takes blessings from akshara and then she hugs swarna..

Naira: are my 2nd mother and even i will miss you so much. Please don’t forget me huh?

Swarna: arrey what’s this? Like how i visit singhania’s i will also visit your in law house to meet don’t worry.

Naira smiles and takes blessings from her and then she hugs Naksh emotionally..

Naira:bhai..i feel like crying going away from you.

Naksh jokes:i feel like enjoying with cakes and chocolates as finally iam getting freed from my satan..

Naira pushes him away..

Naira:you never care for me. Iam feeling bad but you are enjoying..

Naksh gets emotional and caresses her face..

Naksh:iam not enjoying..i just joked to avoid an emotional scene here. Even iam feeling heartbroken seeing you going away from us..but what to do i should somehow pacify my heart and console you too.

They both hug each other and cry..

Naira:bhai..i will miss you so much.

Naksh:even me too..

Naksh wipes her tears and.. don’t cry and spoil your makeup as Arjun will get disappointed. Now smile and go..

Naira smiles and then she hugs bani and Mishti emotionally and they too gets emotional..

Naira:i will Miss you my chudail sisters..

Mishti:even we will also miss you di. Please call us daily..

Naira:i will.

Naira waves bye to everyone emotionally and turns to go while Mansi and Keerthi comes running and hugs her..

Mansi:sorry for late di. Actually i..i went to return my friend’s book as she need urgently today.

Keerthi:even iam sorry naira..i..i had works in my in laws so couldn’t come earlier.

Naira:it’s okay..but iam happy that you came atleast before my marriage. And please don’t forget me both of you huh?

Keerthi:why will we forget our 23 year friend? We will surely miss you each day.. please visit us regularly.

Naira:i will surely visit. You guys also visit my in-laws..

Mansi:we will surely come di.

Akshara:i guess now it’s time up to end your emotional scenes as mahurat time is i will take naira now and you all can spend some time with her once the marriage is over.


Akshara and swarna takes naira and naira gets blessings from everyone (naitik ,devyani, Rajshri, karishma, naman, Shaurya, varsha, dadi, Manish, akshilesh, Andy, surekha and sumitra) and she sits on the mandap waiting for the groom..

Abir whispers in kartik’s ears:next marriage will be yours only as you are keeping the bride ready..

Kartik: only you guys know that i love a girl and family doesn’t know it’s impossible till i tell them.

Abir:if you dint tell then i will tell them..

Kartik:shut up it’s not time to pull my legs. Already iam sad that my bestie is leaving.. are getting senti. Don’t be sad yaar then how will we tease naira and Arjun once she gets married? So just enjoy now..she will surely come atleast for you regularly.


Priest watches the time and..

Priest: where is the groom? Why isn’t the groom come yet? Already the mahurat time have bring him soon.

Everyone gets tensed..

Dadi:arrey devyani..where is groom and his family is also missing

Devyani:that’s what iam confused. Why dint they come yet?

Everyone starts gossipping the matter while naksh gets a call and he attends it..

Naksh:hello..who is it?

The person tells something and naksh gets shocked and drops the phone..

Kartik:naksh..what happened? Why did you get shocked?

Naksh stumbles and sees naira eagerly sitting in mandap and tears drops from his eyes..

Naksh:kartik…ar..Arjun che..cheated naira.

Kartik and everyone gets shocked..

Naitik:what are you telling naksh?

Naksh:papa.. Arjun’s sister Ridhima called and informed that they were about to come but to their shock he brought some other girl as his wife and they themselves were shocked it seems and when they asked he replied as naira was just his crush but that girl was his love…

Everyone gets shocked while naksh cries and kartik fumes..

Abir:that’s why he hasn’t picked naira’s call i guess.. dare he? Now if naira di knows then how will she react..iam really scared..

Akshara and Naitik breaks down..

Akshara:my beti..she loved him truly but…

Naitik:now how will we tell her that her lover cheated her..and how will she bear it?ohh god..why are you doing this with my daughter?

Kartik:that idiot..i already got angry when he dint take calls and now iam really becoming hyper for cheating my bestie.. if i see him then I’ll surely blast him.

Priest: everyone are so busy in discussing something..see here bride is waiting so please call the groom soon before the mahurat time ends.
Everyone worries..

Swarna:maaji..iam really scared for naira..she is such a nice girl..i don’t know how she is going to bear it.

Dadi:yes..krishnaji should give her strength to accept it. But the problem is if the bride sits on the mandap and leaves without getting married then people will mock her even though if she isn’t at fault and also it is inauspicious in her life…


Naitik and naksh tearfully goes and informs naira and naira gets shocked.. my Arjun can’t do this.

Naksh shows the pic of Arjun with the girl sent by Ridhima and naira falls down crying..

Naira:no…how can he cheat me?he loved me truly then how come…come he do this?

Naira cries badly while naitik and naksh hugs her on the stage..

Everyone sees this and feels bad for naira while kartik angrily hits his hands on tree..

Kartik:i can’t bear Naira’s cry..i will surely kill that bastard..

Veer holds him..

Veer: kartik..calm down..we will surely punish him. First we will focus on naira to console her..

The goenka’s watches this..

And suddenly..

Priest: what happened? If the groom cheated and if the bride’s marriage doesn’t happen after sitting in mandap is a bad omen..the bride may face humiliations by the people and also it’s inauspicious for her life though it’s not her fault..i guess you all know this.

Everyone worries..

Akshara cries:maaji..why lord is testing on my daughter?if he want he could have punished me if we did any mistake but..

Devyani:akshara..calm down. There may some other way..

Akshara:how come maaji? We all know that a bride shouldn’t leave the mandap without getting married after all the rituals done and who will marry my daughter now? And how will my daughter accept someone soon after Arjun ditched her?iam really scared..

Priest:the mahurat time is going to end..tell me soon whether the marriage will happen or not..if not then the bride will be considered aas inauspicious girl and also i have to go..

Naitik asks naksh to handle naira and he goes to akshara..

Naitik:akshara..there is no ther way..we should get naira married now orelse my daughter..

Naitik cries and even akshara cry..

Akshara:but with whom? We trusted Arjun but see what he who will we trust?

Naitik:if her marriage doesn’t happen today..then you know how society will blame us for inauspicious things..

The goenka’s talk among themselves..

Manish:i can feel how hard to face this situation..i don’t know how naitikji is feeling now.

Dadi:naira is a good girl..she is like our daughter..poor girl..

Sumitra:why don’t we make one of our son get married to naira..she is a nice girl and we can save her life through tht and also they will be happy as they are friends.

Everyone gets glad hearing it..

Manish:it’s a good idea too..why don’t we..

Dadi: get married kartik to her? They both are more closer than others and even now we saw how kartik got angry for Arjun’s cheat..

Swarna:that’s right maaji. Kartik will support naira and both will live happily..

Akhilesh:then come lets talk with naitikji..

They all go to Naitik and akshara while the young gang stands worried..

Veer:now what will they do?

Mishti: i saw this situation in my friend’s cousin wedding. If the groom dint come then they will make some other guy married to her because a bride should not go without married from mandap..

Everyone gets shocked..

Abir:then will naira get married now?

Mishti:95% she will get married as it’s the only way to save the dignity and inauspicious things.

Bani: already we trusted Arjun and now he himself cheated then whom will they make as naira’s groom? Now..we can’t trust anyone easily..iam really worried..

Veer:yes..bani is right. Poor naira..a sudden cheat and sudden marriage..i feel like killing that scoundrel.

Everyone sees kartik with tears and thinking seriously..

Bani:kartik..are you ok?

Kartik:i decided now..i can’t let my friend suffer anymore. We did lot for each other and today also i will do it for her life and dignity..

Veer:what do you mean?

Kartik:i will marry naira now..i can’t let someone who can’t be trusted to marry naira.

Everyone gets more shocked..

Mansi:bhai.. what are you telling? But you love niya right?did you think nicely..

Kartik: i have decided after thinking so much. Sometimes we should sacrifice something for our loved ones.. sacrifice doesn’t only occurs in lovers. Like we sacrifice for our love and for our parents..iam sacrificing my love for my friend.

Abir: but what about niya?

Kartik:i will talk to her..she will understand. Every love story doesn’t need to end with only can be ended with good friendship too. My love story will end in such..i will be a good friend with niya.

Everyone gets emotional and Keerthi hugs kartik.. are great you know. You keep every relations happy and also safeguard one can be like you. Now you have proved what is true doesn’t only end with getting together but it can also end with sacrifices.

Veer:yes..iam really proud of you kartik. Now..go and talk with naitik uncle and your parents.


Goenka’s tell their views to singhania’s and singhania’s gets glad..

Naitik:are you sure manishji?

Mansih:yes..iam sure naitikji. Naira is like our you need not worry about it. And also you know about kartik right..

Naitik:yes..i very well know about one can be a perfect friend for naira like him. Iam ready for this i believe kartik can make naira happy. Am i right akshara?

Akshara: yes..if it is kartik..then i dont have any hesitation or fear or trust issues..iam ready to give my naira’s hands to him. Iam sure he will make my naira smile throughout her life..

Everyone smiles and they tell it to kartik and kartik gets suprised as his thoughts came true without informing them atself..

Kartik:yes dad..iam ready to do this marriage for my friend.

Everyone gets happy and naitik hugs kartik..

Naitik:you are always my second son..thanks for accepting my daughter. My heart told that only you can make and keep her happy and also console

Kartik: don’t worry papaji. It’s my duty to keep my friend happy i will always keep her happy and make her smile throughout her life.

Everyone blesses kartik and Manish takes kartik to dress him up while naitik and akshara goes to naira to inform her..


Naira cries and looks her and hugs her tightly and cries..

Naira:mumma..why did Arjun do this with me?i ..i loved him more than my life..but..

Akshara Pats her and..’s all fate. You have to thank god that atleast lord saved you from such guys because nowadays there are many who cheats girls after marriage but atleast you are saved from that.. are right but still…

She cries while naitik hugs her and kisses her..

Naitik:stop crying princess..if you cry like this then how will you look beautiful in your marriage?

Naira gets confused and looks questioningly.. know right what priest said..a bride cannot go unmarried after doing every rituals and also after sitting in mandap because..

Naira:i know mumma..but how will i marry an unknown person and how can i trust him suddenly after all what Arjun did..and also i feel like to face humiliations and inauspicious things rather than marrying..

Suddenly kartik comes there as a groom shocking naira..


Kartik holds naira’s shoulders and..

Kartik:i know it’s hard to marry someone after your boyfriend’s cheat but i promise i will be your bestie even after our marriage till the end..and i don’t want to see you more suffering from humiliations and inauspicious life and that’s why i agreed to marry you because even i can’t be happy if i see you suffering. So will you trust me and marry me?

Naira gets emotional and looks him and suddenly she recalls niya..

Naira:but your..

Kartik:i know what do you want to tell.. don’t worry about that..just tell me do you trust me my bestie?

Naira:yes..i always trusted you and will always trust you.

Kartik:then don’t worry about anything..come..

Kartik forwards his hands and naira holds his hands and both recalls their lover and gets sad..

Kartik in mind:iam sorry niya..iam really sorry..i couldn’t fulfill my promise but i promise i will always be your good friend and we will keep hopes that we unite in next birth atleast..

Kartik gets emotional but controls..

Naira in mind:i lovedd you truly Arjun..but you used my feelings and played with it..i never thought that you will do this. I want to hate you but iam feeling very hard to accept that you cheated me..i will hate you Arjun. I hope i should never meet a guy like you in any births..

Kartik in mind: i promise krishnaji..i will always keep my bestie happy..i will never allow any sorrows occur her. But please keep niya happy and provide her a good that she will settle in her life.

Naira in mind: no one can be as lucky as me to get a bestie like he sacrificed his life for my wellbeing and happiness..but i dont want him to live a sacrificed life. I will divorce him after this marriage as i can’t go without getting married now and he will live happily atleast..i will live alone myself.

The priest asks them to exchange garlands and they both look each other and exchange garlands and looks each other..

Then he asked them to take rounds and they both take seven rounds while everyone showers flower petals on them..

Then priest asks them to sit and gives the sindoor to kartik and kartik takes a pinch and he slowly fills naira’s maang and naira gets teary..

Priest:now you both are go and get blessings from elders. Maay god bless you both..

Kartik and naira stares each other and kartik shows his hands indicating their friendship and naira hits his hand proving their friendship..

Kartik whispers: don’t worry about anything..we may be married to the world but i always will be your bestie throughout your life.

Kartik and naira goes and takes blessings from everyone..



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