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hello is the 14th Episode.


At evening kartik takes naira out with eyes blindfolded..

Naira:kartik..where are you taking me?

Kartik:try to learn patience’s a suprise then how will i tell?

Naira:but it’s not any special day or my birthday..

Kartik:why? Is there any rules that suprises should be given only on special occasions and birthdays?

Naira:no..but still..

Suddenly kartik sees a big stone on naira’s way and he pulls her aside but she loses balance and falls on kartik and he holds her..

Naira can feel herself on kartik’s arms though she can’t see him and feels something special while kartik too feels something special holding her close and both of them get engaged deeply themselves in their position..

Few minutes later they steady themselves on hearing birds sound and Kartik brings her to the place where he kept suprise and he opens the cloth from her eye and naira gets hell shocked and suprised seeing two cycles..

Kartik: since we were small we used to ride Cycles together..and i know you are crazy for cycles and that’s why thought of suprising you with cycles..

Naira gets so happy..

Naira:i like cycles a lot..thank you so so so so much kartik..i love you so much..

Kartik gets shocked and naira realises what she said and sees kartik and both meets with an eyelock..

Naira:is..iam sorry..woh..i t..told as a fr..friend..

Kartik smiles and..

Kartik:it’s ok..i know it..ok come lets start riding the cycle..


They wear helmet and they both start riding the cycle together..

Naira:iam reliving my childhood..

Kartik:me too..

Naira: you remember..we used to race each other and whoever wins will make other do sit ups? Especially you did many sit ups..

Naira laughs while kartik looks her..

Kartik:but if we race will only do sit ups mrs.naira..

Naira: no.. don’t challenge me..

Kartik:i will challenge. If you are scared then consider me as winner orelse come we will race….

Naira:iam ready..come..

Kartik and naira show thumbs up to each other..

Kartik and naira race each other and kartik goes fastly before naira..

Naira in mind:how come he started riding fast? I should not let him win..

A girl sees kartik and gets shocked but she doesn’t see naira and she goes away in hurry..

Naira pedals more faster and suddenly she sees a car in front of her coming at full speed and she sceeams in fear..

Naira: kaaartikkkkkk….

Kartik stops immediately and looks back and gets shocked while naira turns the cycle and she hits the tree and falls down..

Kartik’s heart stops for a second and he panics..


He immediately rushes to her in fear of what happened to her and sees her fallen down..


Naira gets up struggling and she hugs kartik immediately and kartik too hugs her tightly and kisses her head in relief of seeing her safe and also to pour his hidden love..

Kartik:naira.. you are fine right? Tell me if you got hurt you feel pain anywhere?

Naira:kartik..calm down..iam absolutely fine. Actually the car was coming i got scared and lost balance and then i turned my cycle but unfortunately it hit on the tree..iam sorry.

Kartik: you shouldn’t apologise. I should only ask sorry..iam really sorry yaar. I shouldn’t have asked you for race..iam really a fool to keep a race in road..

Naira: don’t tell are not a fool you are mendak who just knows to talk tar tar tar..

Naira does action and kartik laughs..

Kartik:you are right..iam always sherni’s mendak..

They both joins their forehead in happiness..

Kartik: i don’t know what to say heart is always happy when i see you happy with your beautiful smile and my heart beat stops whenever you are in problem..

Naira looks into his eyes..

Naira:but why?

Kartik:i don’t know about this connection but one thing iam sure..i can’t be happy without you.

Naira:even i too feel same kartik..

They both smile and go..



Abir feels upset lying on his bed..

Abir in mind:i feel bad..i feel very bad as Mishti is not talking with me. I should apologise her.. infact i should not apologise her as rohit is really lusting her but what to do.. atleast to talk with Mishti i should apologise her. One day she will understand about rohit and that time she will understand me..first i should apologise to her now..

Abir gets up immediately and thinks to go to Mishti’s house and starts his car..

Abir in mind:i will go to her house and apologise..arrey are idiot..will you apologise just like that? She is not so sweet to accept my apology through just words..i will buy her her favourite ice that her anger gets melted.

Abir buys Mishti’s fav chocolate icecream and goes to her house and rings bell while akshara opens the door..

Akshara:arrey Abir..come in.. Mishti there?

Akshara: actually she is not at home..she..

Naksh comes there and..

Naksh:she went to Lake park Abir..she was feeling upset since morning so she went there along with her college friend kuhu.


Abir turns to go but naksh stops him..

Naksh:did you come only to meet her? Did you forget me huh?

Abir:it’s not like that.. actually Mishti is upset because of me only.. so i need to apologise her that’s why.

Naksh:why? What happened..

Abir tells everything while everyone gets shocked..

Naitik: i believe you Abir. Girls won’t understand it easily as it’s their nature..

Akshara stares naitik..

Akshara: so you think about us like this only huh?

Naitik sees her anger..

Naitik:no akshara..i dint mention you but i meant other girls. You are my smart wife.. always told that iam like your sister but you are telling like this. If Akshara only smart then iam also like those girls only huh?

Naitik:iam and akahara are not like that..

Devyani (naitik and Naman’s mother) and Rajshri: then what about us naitik??

Naitik’s becomes embarassed and holds his ears..

Naitik:arrey..iam sorry everyone..i just told but everyone but you all started troubling me. Now i will say.. every girls and women’s are smart..

Everyone laughs at his cute face..

Abir: you all are so cute family. Anyways i will go and pacify Mishti now..

Naksh:Abir..i guess she will understand about rohit before he does anything.

Abir: don’t worry.. i will somehow make Mishti understand.

Naksh:that’s good..

Abir bids goodbye and goes to Lake park and sees kuhu and Mishti and goes to them..

Abir:hai kuhu…

Kuhu:hai Abir.. you are talking to me after long..

Abir:yes..i dint get chance to meet you..

Mishti:now why did you come here Abir?

Abir:is this place reserved only for you that anyone should not come?

Mishti:fine..iam talk with kuhu.

Mishti was about to go but Abir holds her hands..

Abir: what’s this anger Mishti? Iam really sorry for doubting him.. please forgive me..i wont do this next time but you don’t be angry like this..i can’t bear it.

Mishti: he is very good Abir. I don’t talk to him as i hesitate to talk with boys after the 1st year incident but he is very good..i am angry as you doubted on such guy.

Abir in mind: i don’t what kind of stupid acting that idiot acted in front of everyone that even Mishti is believing him like hell..but i won’t let this go longer..i will expose him soon.

Abir:Mishti..i don’t know he is very good guy. If i had known..i wouldn’t have doubted.. please forgive me. Kuhu.. atleast you tell your friend na.

Kuhu:no one can control Mishti when she is angry..iam sorry.

Mishti:Abir..iam upset as my childhood friend did this i need time to accept your apology. So please leave me as for now..

Abir:ok..iam going but please please forgive me..

Abir turns to go and he goes out of park and suddenly a girl comes and hits Abir and she was about to fall but Abir holds her and they get shocked seeing each other..


Abir leaves her angrily and..

Abir: don’t dare to utter my name Neha..i don’t know why god made meet you again but i will make sure i won’t even look at your hereaffter.

Abir was about to go but neha helds his hands and cries..

Neha:i..iam sorry Abir..iam sorry for whatever i did that time.. please forgive me..

Abir:i can’t and i wont..

Abir storms away angrily while neha cries..

Rohit and his friends are sitting in some place..

Ashok: but how did that Mishti believed you leaving her childhood friend?

Rohit: it’s my hardwork since 1st year..iam doing good things like helping students and poor people and sacrificing for other’s happiness in front of that she will get attracted. But she doesn’t know that iam just acting in front of her to get she believed that iam not that type of guy.

Madhav:then why did she scold you on rehearsal day?

Rohit:i accept it was my mistake..i rushed my aim but i should keep some patience to get her.

Ashok:it’s good sign..after 3 years a fruit has came out from the bud.Till now she was not talking but now she hugged.. slowly she will love you too if you keep trying..

Rohit:yes..i have belief. I will keep doing good things before her so that she will start liking me one day.


Veer scrawls in his bed thinking seriously..

Veer in mind: i made bani upset with my i should somehow apologise her. What shall i do?

He keeps on thinking and suddenly he gets idea and goes out and he reaches bani’s house and looks at bani’s window..

Veer in mind:i will try differently..let me see whether her heart melts or not..

Veer throws crushed paper on bani’s room and bani who was watching phone in her room gets shocked seeing it..

Bani:who is this idiot?

She takes the paper and sees written as “iam sorry”..

Bani: which idiot got this stupid idea? And for what is that idiot apologising me? First i will see who is doing it..

Bani looks through window and gets shocked seeing veer..


She runs to veer outside her house..

Bani:what are you doing veer?

Veer: apologising for making you upset yesterday..iam really sorry.

Bani:i would have forgiven you if you have just asked sorry but you was throwing papers as if you was teasing dint look like you are apologising from i won’t forgive you.

Veer:i thought to try apologising in different way to impress you..that’s why. Please.. please.. please forgive me.

Bani:to impress me? Ohh god..i was really shouting that person as idiot for doing such work..if i had known you..i would have called something more than that.

Veer:ok..iam sorry for that also..and sorry for every atleast forgive me.

Bani:are you asking forgiveness or forcing me to accept your apology?

Suddenly veer gets dizzy..

Veer in mind: why am i feeling dizzy? Maybe iam I’ll..i should go and rest now. forgive me whenever you want now iam going..

Bani: actually..

Veer goes thinking something..

Veer in mind:iam feeling different from i I’ll? I should sleep nicely tonight..

Veer goes away while bani gets confused..

Bani in mind: what happened to veer suddenly? I just ignored his apology to make him stay here for long as i thought he would apologise till i forgive him but he went away soon..even i want to forgive him as i just can’t stay angry with him..i like to spend time with him.. anyways i will go to his house tomorrow.


It’s night..

Kartik is unable to sleep as his thoughts are running only of naira..

Kartik in mind: arrey.. what’s happening with me? Naira is running in mind and in my heart nowadays..i can’t even get rid of it.

He gets up and he goes near sleeping naira and smiles seeing her..

Kartik:naira..i don’t know what is happening but you are doing some magic with me that iam unable to unthink of you even for a second..each and every second and each and every are running in my mind and heart..what is this connection? Only you have to answer me..

He gets up to go but naira holds his hands and lays under her cheeks and sleeps smiling..

Kartik gets suprised and smiles seeing her cute antics..

Kartik:you are doing cute things even in your sleep too..

He slowly takes his hands away and covers the blanket properly of hers..

Kartik:good night naira..

He goes and lies on couch again..


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