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Mahesh gives a stick to Savari to put a stick in her mouth, Savari says how can I, Mahesh says just do what I say or else it wont look good you getting punished in front of the whole basti.
Mahesh asks Savari to repeat after him, Savari repeats Stotra after Mahesh, Mahesh says keep practising until you can speak properly.
Savari slowly starts spkeaing without stammering. Savari very happy after realising she can speak properly. Suman, Mahesh, Jhipri calp for her. Sai sees Savari from the window and blesses her.

Balvant is angry at Mahesh’s step of going to Savari’s house. Kusum says don’t shout, someone will hear you. Balvant says that is the problem, I have to hide my true self. Kusum says I told you not to hide your true self but you said you will tell him when the right time comes, Mahesh does all this because he thinks he is following his father but if you will talk to him, he will understand the point. Balvant says will he really, maybe you are right, I should have told him long back but we were in between rich British Government and he studied with my English officers, and he might tell everyone the truth. I thought I will tell him when he gets a little big but he went to foreign for his studies and turned into someone I fake to be and I am scared what if he starts hating me after knowing the truth, you know he is my life and if he gets upset with me. Kusum says don’t worry all will be fine.

Mahesh calls Kusum and Balvant. Balvant says Kusum you know what is to be done, Kusum says yes but will he have Goumutra, Balavant says you handle that, he came from Basti and will ruin the purity of the whole house.
Mahesh walks in, Kusum says have this first. Mahesh asks what is this. Kusum says it’s Tulsi water from Panchavati, your father’s colleagues sent it. Mahesh has it and says it doesn’t taste like Tulsi water, Balvant says its sacred water don’t throw it, have it. Mahesh walks to Balvant, Balvant says oh I have important work at Kulkarni’s and Mahesh go bathe and leaves. Mahesh asks Kusum why is he asking me to bathe, I bathe in the morning itself.
Kusum says it’s so dusty here unlike in Bombay, so go a shower. Kusum says Baba left so early I couldn’t tell him, I have started teaching Savari Ram Rakhsa Stotra. And will teach her every day till Ram Navami.

Kusum says to Mahesh, why will you teach her someone else can too. Mahesh says why can’t I. Kusum says it’s a small town, people may take it the wrong way. Mahesh says I teach in front of her mother, don’t worry and Baba wants to help lower caste and in front of Baba, no one will say anything. Kusum thinks I am not worried about villagers but your father. Kusum says to Mahesh don’t tell Baba now, let’s surprise him and I have always taught you to help others and not publicise it. Mahesh says you are right, I will go shower and leaves. Kusum thinks about what will happen when Balvant will find that Mahesh will go every day to Savari’s house.

Savari practising, Mahesh teaching her. Savari breaks the stick by mistake. Mahesh says I will find something else and walks out of the house. Mahesh sees kids playing with Marbles and asks them for some. Mahesh asks Savari to place it below her tongue. Savari confused. Mahesh explains how marbles help in talking and be careful too, it can get stuck in the throat. Mahesh starts teaching Savrai. Sai looking at them from the window. Savari gets very excited seeing she can talk properly. Mahesh says to her when I first met you, you were so scared, and so I decided to help you, no one should leave in fear, fight with your weakness and today you fought yours. Savari sees Sai and rushes to him and greets him. Savari tells Sai about her progress. Sai says keep practising you will achieve success because you have such a good teacher. Savari says yes you are right.

Balvant walking with new Ram idol and thinks I hope no one gets suspicious about it. Lower caste kids stop him and say it’s so pretty show us, Balvant says watch from a little far it’s delicate, two men walk to him and say it looks different. Balvant says yes it does, I sent it to Nagar to beautify it more. Kids call Sai to see the idol. Sai washes his hand and walks to Balvant. Balvant thinks did he find the truth. Sai says come kids I will narrate you a story and Balvantji if you arent busy come join us.
Villagers ask Balvant to do hear to Sai’s story.

Sai starts his story says, a cow was grazing grass in a jungle and she realised a lion is keeping an eye on her and so she ran and jumped into a lake, the lion followed her, but that lake had a lot of wet mud and she got stuck and little far lion got stuck too. Cow asked lion do you have any owner, Lion says no I don’t, I am king lion and live by my own terms, I have no owner. Cow smiled at him and said then no one will save you, Lion said you will die too, Cow said no if I don’t go home by sunset, my owner will come looking for me and as cow said her owner came and helped her out but he couldn’t help lion even if he wanted to. So kids what did you learn from it, if you get stuck and you follow rules you will be helped but one who lives on his pride will always lose and so devotee yourself may it be nature or human. Balvant leaves.

Savari practices Ram Raksha Stotra in front of plants, Mahesh listens to it and says very good. Savari asks did I do any mistakes. Mahesh says not at all in fact you were very good, now if you get scared think about your plants and now you are ready to say it in pooja.
Balvant places the idol near palkhi.
Sai picks the ram Idol Balvant had put in well and says its time to put you at your right location and leaves.

BaizaMa very excited to see the idol made by Sai.

Kulkarni asks Santa Banta, did they do as asked. Santa says yes sir, as so said we called all villagers early morning, and before Basti people come, it will get crowded here and they will stand behind away from us. Balvant hears that and smiles.

UPre cap: Kulkarni asks Savari to come ahead and show how prepared she is. Savari gets nervous.
Kulkarni says happy Sai, she cant say, Tejasvi come ahead.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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