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Tejasvi and Keshav on their way to Ram Navmi pooja, tejasvi very excited for Ram Raksha Path.Keshav says you took so long to get dressed, tejasvi says why wont I, I am going to do the path. Keshav says you wont, Savari will. Keshav sees basti people walk with Savari and smiles.
Everyone arrives at the pooja. Balvant upset seeing basti people. Santa stops them and says you are late stay at the entrance and see the pooja, there is no place here. Sai says we will make place and walks in, Balvant sees ram idol in Sai’s bag and thinks did he find the idol and will reveal my true face. Sai says with Savari, whole basti has got opportunity to have equal status and so cant we make some space for them and Ramji himself has given them this opportunity cant we respect that. Other villagers agree with Sai to allow basti people in. Gangadhar gets angry and leaves saying this is sin. Balvant has his eye on Sai’s bag, Kulkarni sees Balvant. Kusum asks Balvant why he looks worried. Balvant says I think Sai got the idol back, I felt I saw it, there is something weird about this man, I dont know what. Kusum says who would do that.

Sai walks to Balvant and says today is pooja day, why you look so tensed, today just think about Ramji, here have flowers for pooja, Balvant thinks thank god its just flowers and not idol and asks pandtiji to start pooja and give everyone darshan.
Panditji removes the cloth of the idol. Balvant shocked to see its the idol he had immersed in the well. Kusum surprised too. Kulkarni says what happened to the idols decoration, where did it go. Other villagers say yes you had got the decorated one yesterday, how did this happen. Panditji says I guess this is Sai’s idol but then the other one.

Kulkarni whispers to Santa, Balvant also doesnt know this and blames Sai for hiding jewellery. Sai says I have nothing to do with jewellery, Kulkarni asks where are the jewellery, Sai says Balvant would know. Balvant says I am shocked. Sai says let me tell you, Ramji has no temptation of gold and may be Ramji wants natural version with pure devotion and so may be the idol is back. Balvant thinks I am sure Sai has done it but how and I cant even ask him or else everyone will know the truth. Kulkarni whispers to Santa, look at Balvant, looks like he wants to kill Sai, we have to find why.
Balvant says lets start pooja.

Kulkarni calls tejasvi to do ram Raksha Path, Sai says Savari is given the opportunity this time. Mahesh says yes Sai is right. Kulkarni says you really think she can do the path. Mahesh says first give her opportunity Kulkarni Kaka. Kulkarni says we all knwo she stammers, and ram raksha Path should happen without any obsrtuctions and she is so nervous and scared and she wont be able to, so lets not waste tiem.
Savari gets scared, Mahesh asks Balvant to say something, Sai says yes Balvantji say something. Balvant says yes she should get one opportunity. Kulkarni asks Savari to step forward and show everyone how prepared she is and this is her only chance.
Jhipri asks Savari to go, Mahesh smiles at her. Savari steps forward, Banta whispers to her, because of your mistake whole basti is going to suffer, so better think twoce before you step forward.
Savari gets nervous and starts crying, she steps back. Kulkarnis ays look she isnt prepared, happy Sai, now you must not have any problem now, come Tejasvi start the path.
Savari sees Sai standing behind her, Sai says I am sorry Sai, Sai says apology is not the solution, today you have to fight for your right, whole basti has hope on you, they are waiting for the change, your mother is always worried for you and today she saw an hope in you and Mahesh has worked hard to teach you, your loss will be a loss of all of them.
Savari says I dont have that confidence I cant, if there is some mistake, Sai says trust God, me Mahesh and whole basti have faith and trut in you, now its your decision.

Savari starts saying the Raksha Path, Tejasvi gets angry and leaves. Kulkarni and Balvant shocked.

Pre cap:
Sai gives Balvant prashad, he eats it. Sai says basti people made ir. Balvant gets angry and reveals his true colour.

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