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Sai aska whose house is this. Pandhari says it’s my brother’s house he shifted 2 days back. Sai says ask him to leave what if ruins peace here. Sai says this house looks new, a villager says its my son and his wife. Sai says but she is from Nasik, her Nasik culture will ruin our peace here. Patil asks two topics are different these people are relatives and these new people are unknown. Sai says there is one more man here whose past no one knows and is here since long, so wr should ask him to leave. Pandhari says yes we will ask him to leave.

Undrya sees his father is busy and walks away ge zees Shridi kids play. He tries to play with them but they get scared and runaway.
Patil and others reach Dwarka Mai, Patil asks Sai why are we at Dwarka Mai. Sai says because I am the person you don’t know, we all met here and grew together like a family, why can’t we accept change, Patil says we understood Sai your point.

Shirdi kids hide from Undrya, Undrya follows them so he could play with them. Undrya doesn’t find them and leave disappointed. Kida discuss he was such a weird man, we should stay away from the new people. Undrya hears them talk and feels bad and leaves.

Sai says to everyone I want you all to accept everyone like your own family, they are in new place, help them. If we can’t reduce their problem don’t add to it and kindness takes you long way.
Undrya upset.

Shirdi kids see new kids play in play ground and ask them why are they here. Satya says we recently shifted and there is no place near our house, come lets play together. Chetan says we won’t play with outsiders. Sai says but they are staying here in Shirdi. Ragini says first those English kids and now them one of them also scared us, we think we shouldn’t play with them. Sai smiles.

Santa Banta giving massage to Kulkarni, Gangadhar’s brother visits and says to Balvant he wants to discuss about mill. Balvant says sit in my office and I will join you after shower.
Santa Banta tell Kulkarni that this contactor is Gangadhar’s brother, in absence of Gangadhar he has earned lot of black money and now he knows Balvant has all the power, he sided you. Kulkarni hits them hard. Santa Banta say Balvant is taking advantage of you being quite. Kulkarni says you are right Balvant, Balvant is getting popularity and we have to do something.

Sai gives kids some grapes, they share and have it. They find it very sour. Sai gives another bunch to them, they find ir sweet. Sai gives new kids some too. Sai says you learn about anything new when you try it and they are kids like you how did you make judgement. Ragini says we will do as you say Sai. Chetan says what if they do something wrong. Sai says then I will listen to what you say till then for next 7 days play together.

Santa Banta reach construction site, they see new labours and yell them for littering the place and say we are men of head here and if you don’t listen to us, we will throw you out if Shirdi. Banta whispers to Santa observe everything carefully we have to inform Kulkarni Sarkar.

Undrya’s father scolds him for leaving house, Gauri says I am fasting for his good health, stop blaming my kid. His father says he will never. Gauri burns her hand. Undrya cares for her. Gauri says the pain elders can’t see, my Undrya does but why does he behave like a kid.

Balvant says to Gangadhar’s brother, there is lot of order coming in from British for the labours, you will give me 10% of every order I give you. He says I will be at loss then. Balvant says adulterate the food, add cow fodder in it, as they are labours but make sure the share is mine and I am throwing a party for Britishers I want first class quality grains. He agrees and leaves.

Tejasvi asks Savari to cut a big loft of wood for the party to cook food. Savari says I can’t do it, Tejasvi yells at her and says I am your boss and you are a servant here and do the work by tomorrow morning or else I won’t spare you.

Santa Banta passing by Undrya’s house start coughing because of all the steam and break the chula. Gauri fights with them, Santa Banta say we are heads men here and if you mess with us we wukk through you out of Shirdi and push her. Undrya about to hit them, his father drags him inside the tent and hits him.

Pre cap: Santa Banta passing by a dark path scared. They see a ruck sack running towards them, get scared and leave.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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