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Savari start chopping the log, she hurts her hand and is in pain. Sai walks to her and applies medicine on her hand. Savari surprised to see her wound cure and thanks Sai. Sai wipes her tears. Savari says how will I do this, I don’t know to use axe. Sai says lets try one more time. Sai picks axe and hands to Savari. Savari finds it lighter and easy to use. Savari very happy, Sai blesses her and says I will leave now, if you need me call me. Savari chops the log, she prays and thanks Sai.

Undrya pin jungle upset over being beaten by his father and very angry. Santa Banta passing by a scary dark lonely road. Undrya scares them wearing ruck sack.

Santa Banta rushes to Kulkarni scared, Kulkarni hits them hard and says you have mistaken, stupid and have you done my work. Santa Banta tell him mill status. Kulkarni says this mill will make Balvant superior and I won’t let that happen.

Tejasvi wakes Savari and yells at her and asks why didn’t you do the work. Savari says I finished my work, have stacked cut wood in the corner. Tejasvi says you said you can’t work, how did you do now, now go get ready you have to grind 5 bags of grains by afternoon. Savari how will I alone do it. Tejasvi says just shutup and do it.

Patil sees Sai and calls him. Tatya Machapati greet Sai. Patil says I have a gift for you Sai and gives him water pot with a tap. Sai says I am happy to see new inventions and Tatya keep this in Dwarka Mai.

Undrya following a butterfly, he sees snake and hets scared. Kid rushing to snake, Undrya tries to stop him and other kids with stick, their parents see and think Undrya is troubling kids and rush to them. Undrya’s parents rush to them, his father scolds him. Undrya tries to explain.

Sai says you all should get ready for mill bhumi pujan. Machapati says we have decided not to participate. Sai asks why. Patil says because they snatched farmers land and we like Shirdi as it and not liking the change, we are accepting new people but this is big change. Sai says when you bought this pot for me, you didn’t think if I would like the change, but I liked it not because it has tap but because it doesn’t hurt anyone. Patil says but farmers lost land. Sai says farmers sold their land in greed, no one forced them and every coin has two coins and so every change brings good and bad, so well the good things and change the bad and about Mill we will understand how good or bad it is when we accept it. Change os natural, accept it and move on.
Sai asks Tatya to fill some water in pot.

Undrya gets scolded by everyone and is asked does Undrya have any problem. His father says he is little naughty. Everyone asks his father to lock Undrya or else they won’t spare him next time.

Sai lets water flow through pot tap.
Water flows near Undrya and Gauri sees snake, Undrya tells her he was saving kids. His father says take him home and talk to him, insults me every time.
Gauri says to Undrya, lets go home forget him. Undrya hugs her.

Pre cap: Gauri and Undrya meet Sai. Sai says he is just here to spread happiness and so Charuhas isn’t scared of me. Gauri asks Sai, how do you know Undrya’s real name is Charuhas.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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