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Santa Banta and Kulkarni happy about troubling Shiv and leaves. They see few people entertaining with tight rope, Kulkarni says this is very dangerous and she is at such height, everyone applauds. Kulkarni says you are very talented and asks Santa to give money to that girl. Sai stops them and says it will be 600₹. Kulkarni says what nonsense here fees are not written. Sai says I sent a boy but you didn’t read the notice. Santa shows him paper. Kulkarni says okay I agree you have fees but why 600 you can’t charge anything. Sai says when you can do this with Shiv and Bhumi, why can’t I. Kulkarni says get lost I am not giving anything. Sai says let me tell you one thing if you trouble others you are inviting trouble. Kulkarni says forget me and go help Shiv and Bhumi because they can never pay. Sai says they will with their talent and hard work I promise.

Vaishali sees Divakar has brought the stuff she has asked and asks how come now a days you remember everything and look you forgot leaves for Pooja. Divakar says I am sorry, Vaishali says no worries I will collect on my way to temple. Divakar smiling and says have you not noticed past two days even you aren’t upset and complaining and what are you cooking its smelling good. Vaishali says yes you love it right, Vaishali gives him to taste. Divakar says very tasty and says like this kheer our life past two days have become so sweet and happy but the puzzle. Vaishali says lets forget that and enjoy our time. Divakar says I am liking this happiness, Vaishali says yes the more you are happy everyone around is. Divakar and Vaishali figure out that the answer to Sai’s question is happiness.

Keshav meets Sai and greets him. Sai asks where are you going, Keshav says to a near by village for my father’s work. Sai says do me a favour, pray for Shirdi in temple there. Keshav says sure and leaves.

Pari and Nirali working in field and tired by watering them. Sai sees them, they tell Sai that they are tired. Sai says I have a solution for you, Shiv in jungle too walking disturbed, Shiv gets lost.
Sai makes a path beside all plants, so that girls can easily water plants. Shiv sees water under his feet and follows the path.
Sai tells girls, work smarter only working hard won’t work. Shiv sees the water path has vanished and sees himself at a competition. Its a challenge, if you cycle for 5 days straight you will earn 1000₹. Shiv thinks of Kulkarni’s warning, a participant faints in front of Shiv who was cycling for 3 days straight. Shiv decides to participate. He meets the organiser and tells he can’t talk and hear but will participate, Organiser thinks he can take advantage of Shiv and tells Shiv he needs cycle and 50₹ to pay. Organiser asls him to leave and come back when he has money and cycle.

Shiv sees a temple and walks inside. Keshav walks to same temple and sees Shiv and asks what is he doing here.
Bhumi looking for Shov everywhere. Keshav returns to Shirdi and sees Bhumi and tells her Shiv is in neat by village.

Bhumi buys cycle for Shiv, she had saved money for his cycle. Bhumi very happy but remembers Kulkarnis warning and denies to take it. Vendor says he will be at loss if she denies delivery. Bhumi forcefully accepts it.

Vaishali and Divakar happy about how Sai solved the tension between them. Vaishali sees Bhumi paying vendor money and thinks why is she paying him money that she stole.

Pre cap: Santa Banta tell Bhumi that Shiv has participated in challenge and he may die.
Sai tells Vaishali how she has created problems between Shiv and Bhumi and needs to solve it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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