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Sai tells Prem Sainik, that forcing someone is not love. Keval thanks Sai, Sai tells Keval there will be many instances where you will have to choose between right and wrong. Keval says I will follow your principles.

Satyeshwar tells Balvant, all the proofs are lie. Balvant asks where is the accussed then why is he missing, and don’t worry I am not here to threaten you but help you because I have git your land sanctioned and also if these proofs get in hands of police or your devotee it would be difficult right. Satyeshwar asks him, what you want. Balvant says I will let you know when time comes.

Satyeshwar remembers his past…
Satyeshwar reading books, his Guruji walks to him and completes a quote on parents. Satyeshwar says I don’t believe in all this. Guru ji says reading books just won’t help, if you don’t implicate you will always remain behind. Satyeshwar says I read because it makes me happy but all this relationship etc are just hurdles. Guruji says Satyeshwar this is wrong thought. Satyeshwar says you have one life and you have to achieve greatness and whoever tries to become hurdle treat them as enemies. Guruji says I disown you as my student, these thoughts are wrong. Satyeshwar says you are jealous because I am more knowledgeable and soon you will see how people become my devotees. Guruji says you will ruin devotees life’s and before you ruin others life leave this place. Satyeshwar attacks his guruji and pushes him, Guruji slips and falls of the cliff. Satyeshwar takes timer from his bag.
Satyeshwar tells Guruji’s devotees that Guruji gave me this timer and left and he asked me to take over everyone. Nima says guruji said all this in front of me, I have seen him give the timer, everyone cheers for Satyeshwar Maharaj.

At Dwarka Mai, Baizmaa and others inform Sai how people are getting influenced by Prem Sena and are leaving their families. Sai says hardships keep coming but the lessons we learn are priceless and so all those who have joined Satyeshwar will definitely learn something and so will Satyeshwar. Sai asks Baizmaa to light few more diyas and says I have to go somewhere to help someone find their path and keep helping others. Malchapati says we need you Sai now, is it really very important. Sai says yes it’s very important and bigger problem then one in Shirdi. Sai leaves.

An old man in pain as he walks, he is thirsty and hungry. He tries to eat a roti packed in his bag but it smells very bad and he has no water left and starts crying. He sees a bridge and tries to cross it for water. He gets on the bridge and tries to fill his bottle but his bottle falls down in river, he starts crying and prays to God to kill him. Sai arrives there. Old man says I am hungry do you have anything to eat. Sai says I don’t have food but something else that might help you and gives him diamonds and says I don’t need all this, may be this helps you but old man drops them. Sai says I gave you everything but you wasted them, you are so careless you have a very bad destiny and because of you I will have bad fate. Old man says I am not bad, don’t leave me alone. Sai keeps calling him bad, old man remembers how he insulted his son similarly and threw him out of the house and village.

Sai says to old man, like you faced problems now couldn’t your son also be innocent, you made him reason behind all your problems. Old man- Ramkrishna asks who are you, Sai says you threw your son out of the house because of villagers who aren’t around you.

Pre cap: Satyeshwar visits Kulkarni and Balvant.
Ramkrishna asks Sai to help him find his son. Sai says to him this will take time.

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