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Shirdi people at temple waiting for darshan. Few women see Kalavati walk in the temple and call her shameless, and decide women like her can’t enter the temple and ruin its purity. Kalavati says please let me go in, I want to perform pooja. Women says this temple is not for people like you. Kalavati walking away, Sai walks to her. Sai says you will perform your pooja Kalavati come with me. Villagers discuss why is Sai supporting a dancer.

Bhama sees Udhav getting ready and says I know this is because you are getting married. Udhav says I am just going out. Bhama says come home early we have to go visit Dwarka Mai to invite for the wedding. Udhav thinks but I have to attend Kalavati’s show and if I go visit Sai, I have to attend Pravachan too.

Sai walks to women in temple with Kalavati, they leave their hand and make way for Sai. Sai says come Kalavati. Sai asks Malchapati to do pooja for Kalavati. Kalavati thanks Sai, and about to leave. Sai says so soon, its time for Sandhya aarti do stay. Kalavati says I have my show and so I came here for blessings. Sai says to her you have such nice voice, please sing aarti in your voice. Everyone in temple gets offended and says how can she sing. Sai says why can’t she, I have heard she sings very well. Kalavati in tears. Piliya comes to temple and says lets go its show time. Kalavati says sorry Sai, I have to leave and goes.

Udhav says to Bhama, he has some work in mill and some job work too, lets go tomorrow. Bhama says its evening now, where will you go now, and I have taken 5₹ for a gift for Sai. Udhav says give me that money I will buy it, Bhama says okay and hands him money and says come soon. Udhav thinks sorry to lie, but I will go buy gift after the show and leaves.

Patil says to Sai, Sai we have no issues with her coming to temple but aarti is not fair. Sai says what people think doesn’t mean its true, remember when I returned Shirdi second time Malchapati stopped me from entering temple. Malchapati says and I am still ashamed of it. Shama says Sai, she dances to attract women how can she understand the connection with God. Sai says there is no rule for men who get attracted then why women should face this. Shama says you are right Sai, both are wrong. Sai says and what about them who are forced to do this, soon everyone will learn Kalavati’s truth but till then she needs our support and not hatred, once she will be free of the burdens and then we will see her true talent.

Kalavati gets ready fir the show. Piliya says you are looking fabulous, Shridi people will go mad behind you and remember I don’t want any drama, Kulkarni has lot of hopes, do something that they will go crazy for you. Kamal walks to them and says Aai let me come too, Kalavati says no. Kamal insists, Piliya scolds her. Kalavati says Piliya you can’t talk to Kamal in this tone, and says Kamal I can’t take you there. Kamal keeps insisting and says I will follow you, if you don’t take me. Kalavati scolds him and locks him inside the house.

Kamal crying inside, she hears Manu barking and says Manu I can’t come out sorry Aai had locked me. Sai seesanu struggle to get in to meet Kamal. Sai opens the lock and the door, Kamal picks Manu and happy to see him. Kamal confused about how the lock opened and sees Sai and smiles.

Balvant with Henry, they reach the performance area. Kulkarni greets Henry and says we have arranged everything for your entertainment. Henry says where is the woman you spoke about. Kulkarni says she will be here soon, have fun and some alcohol.

Supervisor outside see people wanting to get in, he sees Santa Banta. Santa asks him you want to see the show too. Supervisor says I came to sign files. Balvant sees that and scolds him, Supervisor says it was urgent.

Kamal asks Sai how did the door open. Sai says Manu wanted to meet you, do you stay alone can you survive without friends, don’t you feel like having friends. Kamal says I want to but all make fun of me because I am different, Sai says fear never leads anywhere, come with me. Kamal closes door, Sai says don’t worry. Kamal leaves with Sai.

Santa Banta insult Shirdi people to pay 15₹ per show, and call them beggars. Shirdi people feel bad, they fight to get in.

Sai takes Kamal to a dark room, Kamal says I am scaredm Sai lights the lamp. Kamal sees lot of toys, and gets happy. Sai asks are you still scared. Kamal says no I am happy, I will ask Aai to get me one. Sai says Kamal the fear wa sin your head, you think friends won’t accept you but this is just in your head, accept who you are, and you just need some strength and will power, at starting may be no one will like you but you will have to keep trying now tell me will you make friends with Shirdi people.

Pre cap: Udhav follows Kalavati. Kalavati goes inside and locks door, Udhav sees Sai, he says to him I wasn’t following with bad intentions. Sai says but you are here. Udhav says you are wrong, Sai says then give me the gift Bhama asked you too or else give me the money I will get one.

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