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Sai says to Revathi free yourself, get rid of all your rules and teach Nanda dance and you will find your answers. Revathi asks how can I teach her, I can’t dance and it haunts me when I never learned how can I dance. Sai says give up the rules, dance with your daughter and you will find all your answers.

Madhavan says Revathi listen to what Sai says. Revathi says to Sai, I just want to find why did Appa hit Amma and nothing about dancing. Sai asks Revathi, why don’t you think about this hatred towards dance, why you loose sense and start dancing. Revathi says all this started here in Shirdi and will end when I leave, but I want to know about my Amma and Appa. Sai says Revathi all things are related, like our nerves are connected.
Revathi says okay, if you think by teaching Nanda, I will find the secret behind my Appa and I don’t know to dance but will definitely try also my thoughts about dancing won’t change. Sai blesses her.

Everyone in Dixit Vada. Revathi looks at the mirror and tries to dance, Nanda says to Madhavan, Sai said Amma will teach me but look at her people will laugh at me. Rama says I just want things to go back to normal. Madhavan says Revathi try again. Revathi hurts her hand while practising, and leaves.

Revathi sees Sai outside asking for Bhiksha, Revathi says I will get something. Sai says I want your art in Bhiksha. Revathi says I tried but I can’t, people say I dance so well but how, I feel so weird when I try to dance like I am doing something wrong. Sai says the problem is with your thoughts then try whole heartedly, and you will find a way, look around there is so much art around, look at plants dance on the wind, the birds chirping, the temple bells and you will find your rythm as well.

Revathi looks in the sky and sees a shadow dance and feels inspired and starts dancing. Nanda sees Revathi perform. Revathi says Sai look I am able to dance, I don’t know how I did this and where I learnt from but I feel so much at peace. Nanda shouts at Revathi and says you are a liar, you say dance is bad and look at you and leaves. Sai says Revathi wait, she is upset I will go talk to Nanda.

Nanda sitting under a tree in tears, she sees Sai and goes hug him and says why does Amma lie to me, Sai wipes Nanda’s tears and says first come play ‘Gilli Danda’ with me. Nanda says I can’t. Sai says atleast try and teaches her how to play.
Nanda tries and hits hard in first go, Sai says the way you played doesn’t look like first one. Nanda remembers playing as a kid and hitting Meera by mistake and Revathi hitting her for it. Nanda says sorry Sai, I thought I forgot. Sai says your Amma is facing some issue and says but now your Amma will find answers and she will need your help, and who knows you will get permission to dance, Nanda says then I will surely learn from Amma.

Revathi crying. Madhavan tells Revathi, don’t worry Nanda will understand. Nanda walks to Revathi and does Dance Namaskar, Revathi hugs her. Revathi and Nanda begin practicing.

Next day, Nanda and Revathi begin their practice, Revathi teaches Nanda different forms. Nanda gets tired, Sai gets water for her.

Revathi and Nanda perform at Dwarka Mai, Nanda stops performing and keeps looking at Revathi’s performance and smiles. Everyone applauds for them. Revathi thinks why does dancing give me so much peace when I hate it so much.

Pre cap: Revathi tells Madhavan she is scared and feels like something bad is going to happen. Sai says follow your emotions and feelings, its very important.

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