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Keshav says to his mother, it’s difficult to live without you and Sai but Sai asked me to go, because Sai always says time keep changing and I know time will change and I will come back to you, back to Sai. She hugs him and sees Prahlad and hugs him too.

Next day, Tejasvi and Keshav about to leave. Keshav sees everyone from village also waiting to see him off. Keshav and Tejasvi take elder’s blessings.
Prahlad sees his friends and rushes inside, he gets toys for them. Tejasvi says yes give it these are anyways old we will buy new ones. Prahlad hugs his friends.
Prahlad sees Mahesh and Savari and rushes to them. Tejasvi stops him. Keshav holds Prahlad’s hand and walks to Mahesh and Savari. Tejasvi gets angry.
Keshav, Tejasvi, Prahlad sit in cart and leave.
Everyone in tears seeing them leave.

Tejasvi asks why take this route. Keshav says we have to meet Sai. Tejasvi says we will miss our train because if this. Keshav says I agreed to such bug decision of yours and you are annoyed by my small wish. Tejasvi says okay.
Keshav meets Sai, Sai says to him, I know how difficult this is for you but don’t hold on to past, move on make new memories, don’t keep hatred in mind, move with happy spirit and we all are with you, don’t think you are alone, whenever you need us look into your heart. Sai says to Prahlad, your parents have always worked for your best, you may not see that but soon you will see why and respect and take care of your parents and study well. Sai says Tejasvi, you are the Laxmi of Keshav’s family always be their pride. Tejasvi says I don’t need any advice from you. Sai says keep this with you Keshav, open it when you don’t see any solution, God will always be with you.

Keshav remembers his journey with Sai and hugs him. Prahlad hugs Sai. Sai in tears. Sai blesses them, they leave.
Keshav abd family reach Mumbai. Prahlad asks Tejasvi is his grandfather coming to receive them. Tejasvi says I forgot to send him message because of all the rush, but that’s my house and they love me, they will be happy to know we will be staying with them.
Keshav says to Tejasvi, I need to talk. Tejasvi says let’s go home and then talk. Keshav says we won’t stay at your father’s place, we will ho meet him but we will settle on our own and I have a friend and he has got us a room on rent in chawl. Tejasvi says how could you think I will stay in chawl. A man walks to them and says Keshav, your father has sent me, he has arranged a job and room for you, you have to work with Savkar for 250/- as a collector. Keshav says thank you, I won’t accept the job or the house. Man says you are lucky to get everything ready, Keshav says it’s against my principle to take money from needy.
Tejasvi says what are you doing, Keshav says I am here for new start, I will do it my way. Tejasvi says what will people think and my father’s reputation will br ruined. Keshav says you have to understand we are a family, my friend will help us and by Sai’s blessings we will soon buy a new house, you will support me right. Tejasvi thinks God where am I caught. Keshav prays to Sai.

Kids walk to Sai. They tell Sai they are missing Prahlad and want to write him letter and need Sai’s help. Sai asks what have you thought, One kid says we are missing him and don’t feel good without him. Sai says won’t that de motivate him, you all are together here but he is alone. One kid asks then what do we say, Sai says write something that he forgets his sorrow and feels he is here and make him smile and he will share his stories too.

Keshav is told chawl rules. Prahlad laughs listening to them. Tejasvi fights with chawl owner for rules and calls them useless. Tejasvi says I do what my heart says and my father has big bungalow in Ville Parle, he stays go stay there than why are you here. Keshav apologies for Tejasvi’s behaviour and agrees to follow the rules. He says ask you wife to stay in here limits and shows them room.
Owner asks Keshav does he or his wife, Tejasvi says do I look like labour, Keshav says thanks for thinking about me, my friend said he will help me. Owner says no one helps here you will find it soon and shows them room and gives them keys. Keshav thanks him.
Keshav opens the door, Tejasvi gets angry.

Ratan, Das Guruji walk to Sai. Ratan says today is day 2 and I will prove you I am rich. Sai says yes tell me. Ratan asks lawyer to tell Sai about his financial status. Lawyer names all the amount, assests of Ratan. Ratan says Sai do you think there is no one rich, my uncle was a king and so am I now. Sai says I can write anything on paper. Ratan says I do have all this. Sai says lets Swaran Tola tomorrow, if the weigh scale bends towards your gold you win. Ratan says I will bring it tomorrow and prove myself.

Pre cap: Ratan asks to begin. Sai makes a kid sit on opposite side. Ratan says if I knew you were going to weigh against a baby I would bring just one box.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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