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Keshav walks in the room and starts cleaning it. Tejasvi caughs and says how will we stay here, for once think about our son, Keshav looks at Prahlad and says I know this is not like our Wada but as Sai says house is made by people who loves we will make this house well if you be with me, Prahlad hugs him and says I don’t have issue and starts helping him.

Tejasvi covers her face with cloth, chawl kids laugh at her. Keshav says this is new start for me as well, this is our house and you are our Lakshmi and as Sai says if Lakshmi is not happy, house won’t be happy. Tejasvi says you listen everything Sai says but don’t listen to me. Keshav says to her, I am here for you, my friend has asked me to meet Mazgaon dock, and get a job, soon we will shift to better house. Prahlad says this house is nice too Aai. Tejasvi says come lets work and starts helping them.

Keshav thinks about Sai and says be with me, I am starting a new chapter tomorrow.
Ratan prays on his way and says today Sai will believe me. Ratan sees a kid crying and asks him what is wrong, He says my mother is unwell and she is admitted in Shridi and so when I went to see Kulkarni Sarkar for medicine he said it will be 50paise and I don’t have money. Ratan smiles at him and gives him money and says buy medicine for your mother. Kid says this is more how will I return change. Ratan says keep it, he says my mother has taught me not to extra, so I will return your money because my mother won’t like it. Ratan smiles and says I will be at Dwarka Mai give it there, he thanks Ratan and leaves.

Sai looks at weight balance in Dwakra Mai, villagers gathered discuss whatever may happen here, it will be for someone’s betterment. Das guruji asks reason behind weigh balance. Ratan walks in and greets Sai. Ratan says lets start I got everything I have. Kid arrives there. Sai sees him and calls him near him. Ratan says oh so nice of you to return change. Sai asks him what is in your hand. He says medicine for my mother. Sai says give it to me and sit on weigh balance. He goes sit. Ratan thinks I will easily win and prove that I am rich and says Sai if I knew I wasn’t a kid I would bring just one box. Sai says lets start.

Ratan starts keeping his assests on other side of weigh balance. Ratan and others surprised to see the weight balance not moving down, Ratan keeps adding silver gold and lot of ither valueable things hut weight balance doesn’t go down. Ratan sees alk his wealth couldn’t win against a kid and says how is this possible, how can this kid be so heavy. Sai says you lost the challenge. Ratan says I thought I would easily win but I lost, I am sorry Sai. Sai says keep these things back. Ratan’s men keep everything back in boxes.

Sai goes keeps the medicine on other side which weighs down. Everyone surprised. Ratan says how is this possible. Sai says what your expensive things couldn’t do your help did, because the money you gave him was kindness, when you are left with money by elders its for your betterment but not because you turn lazy, have pride, you have become so lazy, you don’t want to sit on floor or with villagers you grew up with, for you richness is lot of money and for me its kindness, money is not bad, but how you use it makes you rich, you have earned a lot but how much did you donate, and look today what your little act of kindess did, so do think if you get lot of blessings by kindness it will be great, lead a life of hardwork and donate for kindness and then you will be rich in true sense.
Ratan says you are right Sai, I feel so much better now, I came for one thing but got so many things in return. Sai says I will pray to God that you may soon have a kid. Ratan thanks him.

Tejasvi asks Keshav to get electrician to fix the fan. Keshav says people must be asleep now. Tejasvi says this is Mumbai and you get everything here, all the time. Two men see Keshav and asks what is wrong, Keshav says he is looking for a electrician, one of them says he knows the job and will help him, he helps Keshav fix the electricity. Keshav thanks him and asks for his charges. He says I believe in humanity and we are your neighbours. Tejasvi says we don’t get all this in Shirdi, and I can sleep for long hours now, so I will wake up late tomorrow.

Pre cap: Sai is asked by a man to show him a way to get rid of all his bad habits. Sai says keep this mirror it will show you bad habits, keep fixing and you will he idle man soon.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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