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Udhav tries to sneak in through window, Sabta Banta see him and says to him does sai know you are here. Udhav says I wasn’t here to see dance, I came to see why is there rush here. Banta says don’t be scared we won’t tell anyone, just buy ticket and go inside, its just 15₹. Udhav says I don’t have ao much money, I have 5₹. Santa says you can see from outside in 5₹, go have fun. Udhav gives him money.

Prahlad and kids at Dwarka Mai, Prahlad upset about Manu missing. Sai walks in with Kamal and Manu. Prahlad says I was looking for him. Sai says Manu likes Kamal. Prahlad says you keep him, he likes you he will be very happy. Kamal says I will take very good care of him. Chetan starts laughing. Kamal looks at Sai

Henry asks Balvant where js Kalavati. Balvant asks Kulkarni to start the show soon. Kulkarni asks Piliya to go check if Kalavati is ready.
Sai says Kamal do you remember what I said. Kamal remembers Sai asking him to accept himself first and give people one chance.
Kamal says to Chetan I know you find my voice funny, do laugh, I will be happy too and also because of this voice I can sing very well. Sai asks Kamal to take a seat, Kamal sings a bhajan. Everyone applauds. Chetan apologies for laughing at him.

Piliya begins the show, Kalavati walks in and begins the show.
Sai lights Diya in Dwarka Mai.

Everyone enjoying Kalavati’s show. Kalavati leaves as soon as she finishes show. Kulkarni says to Balvant that plan is working very well.
Sai drops Kamal home, Sai says to Kamal all praised you today because you fought your fear, your Aai must be coming back go in. Kamal says thank you. Sai feels something and he hides.
Udhav swes Piliya and Kalavati. Piliya says Kalavati we soon will be rich when we will earn so much. Udhav says let me see where she stays so that I can see her daily.

Kamal gives Manu some milk to drink. Piliya drops Kalavati and leaves. Kalavati opens the door, gets in and locks.
Kalavati syarts crying as she removes her jewellery, she feels bad about how Henry and others were trying to touch her. Sai sees Udhav starring at Kalavati’s house, Sai says Udhav sometimes we forget what we will lose in attempt to get something. Udhav says I didn’t do anything with wrong intentions, you are thinking wrong. Sai says if I am thinking wrong give me the Tushala Bhama asked you to get for me or give me the money, but you didn’t buy because you used the money and you are on wrong path, and of you were there only for dance why are you hiding and if its something else you jeed to rethink. Udhav says okay and leaves.

Kamal wupes Kalavati’s tears and asks why are you crying. Kalavati says something went in my eyes. Kamal says I am not a kid anymore, I have always seen when you come back from work you start crying, why do you go. Kalavati says once we save some money, we will go far away and leave this work.
Kalavati hears Manu’s voice. Kamal says I am not hearing anything. Manu walks in, Kamal picks it. Kalavati asks where did you get this from. Kamal says my friend Prahlad gave me. Kalavati says I had locked the room and how did you go out. Kamal tells Sai helped. Kalavati about to slap, Sai says I gave her this confidence.

Pre cap: Prahlad says to Keshav and Kulkarni even he wants to see Kalavati’s dance.
Prahlad asks Sai what is wrong in seeing Kalavati’s dance, Sai says nothing wrong come lets go watch.
Sai and Prahlad reach Kalavati’s home.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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