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Kusum has water in Kulkarni’s house. Kulkarni gets them tea and snacks and says these are made by a Brahmin. Balvant says I don’t believe in casteism. Balvant tastes food and says it is delicious. Kulkarni asks his servant to do something and they leave. Tejasvi upset at Mahesh roaming around and not seeing her first, says let him come and I will teach him a good lesson. Mahesh walks in and says I am here Tai, teach me a lesson. Mahesh walks to her and says sorry for being late, I went to get Prahlad from school because I went to get raw mango for you. She gets very excited and says why didn’t you tell me first. Mahesh says you are still such a big drama. She asks him how Bombay is, Mahesh asks where Keshav is, Prahlad says he must be at DwarkaMai for Sai’s teachings.

BaizaMa asks Sai to start pravachan, Sai says yes I will start but it should be beneficial too. BaizaMa asks what benefits, Sai says some people do attend Pravachan but don’t proactive the teachings. Kaki walks in and greets Sai. Savari gets upset. Sai stops Kaki from seating and says you can’t sit here.

Prahlad says I am going to have a lot of fun with Mama, Tejasvi says yes learn from your Mama, he is very down to earth and open minded. Mahesh says it is all because of my father Balvant and I want to be just like him.
Kulkarni’s servant walks in and tells Kulkarni that, villagers are here and they need help from you. Kulkarni says as a head of this village and humanity I will help them, call them inside. Balvant says you are calling them inside, Kulkarni says I don’t believe in all this, Balvant says that is so nice.

Sai tries different locations to sit, Sai denies.
Kulkarni says to villagers, you should have called me if you needed help, why did you come all this way? Here, have this money. Prahlad, surprised about to reveal its fake, Tejasvi stops him. Balvant says I am here and all of you will be sufficient enough to take care of yourself and you don’t need anyone’s help. Villagers try to touch his feat, Balvant says this is my responsibility and not favor. Kulkarni thinks this Balvant isn’t impressed even when I gave so much money to villagers.

Kaki asks Sai, why is he stopping her, Sai says I am stopping you from doing wrong, lower caste people are seating here and so your religion might be ruined, so you shouldn’t be here or may be on whole earth because they are everywhere, also your house these people built, even a well these lower caste people dig it and sow the field too, so what will you eat or drink, without ruining your religion, ask God for other planet may be, just like you want and there will be no lower caste people there.

Kulkarni shows Balvant and Kusum their room and says you can stay here till government quarters are ready and you are like a family. Kulkarni leaves. Kusum closes the door, and asks Balvant if he is fine. Balvant says didn’t you see those lower caste people entered this house and some even touched me, go get gomutra and purify me. Balvant says I thought Kulkarni believes in Shastra, I said yes to stay here because Kulkarni hates lower castes but he is inviting them inside. I have never had a problem hiding my true face but today oh God.
Sai says to Kaki, God has created everyone equally, so stop discriminating and God will be very happy.
Sai says one of his teachings, which means God is one and humans forget he is the one who gave birth to anyone and people have got caught in casteism and its sad that even after being educated people can’t be open minded. Kaki apologizes in tears.

Balvant says to Kusum, I thought I wouldnt have a problem in Shirdi being it a small town, but here everything is different and you are so mad, you wanted to have water from a lower caste girl, it’s better to die of hunger and thirst then have it from lower caste. Balvant says from tomorrow I will start my work here, as I want and you should also be careful.

Sai, making an idol, BaizaMa walks to him and asks him to go have food. Sai says I will make this idol and then have food, it should be ready by tomorrow morning. BaizaMa asks Ram Navmi has time so why hurry. Sai says because it should be ready by the right time.

Kulkarni;s servants get his money back. Kulkarni remembers telling his servant to get people he had hired. Servants say we thought you will really call lower caste, Kulkarni says never whatever may be the situation I will never let any lower caste near me.

Sai is asked by villagers won’t he go for bhiksha today, Sai says I have some work to finish and then go, villagers ask Sai if they can sit with him, Sai says okay.

Pre cap:
Sai gifts Balvant Ram idol.
Mahesh sees a villager disrespecting Savari by throwing money at her for work she did, Mahesh says to him, this is not the way you behave. He says to Mahesh, you might be right but here we follow Kulkarni Sarkar’s rules.

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