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Bhama asks Udhav where was he all morning and is mill work done. Udhav says some work is pending will finish today. Bhama says don’t worry we have Sai’s blessings and didnyou get Tushala. Udhav says yes I did and Sai denied to accept it. Bhama asks then what did you do with it. Udhav says Sai didn’t take so I donated it, Sai always says serve poor. Bhama says don’t be scared you did good. Udhav says I am getting late for mill.

Shirdi kids insist Kamal on singing for them and praise Kamal’s voice. Malchapati walks to kids and says there is Bhajan competition and come to Chavdi if you all are interested. Everyone leaves except Kamal. Prahlad walks back to Kamal and insists him on participating. Kamal says no I won’t. Prahlad says cmon lets go, you will have fun, don’t be scared come. Kamal loses calm and pushes Prahlad. Prahlad says to him, I thought of doing good for you, but you pushed me, and pushes him back. Kamal’s hair comes down. He pushes back inside turban and runs back. Sai sees that.

Prahlad says to Sai, Kamal is very weird, I was helping him but he pushed me and ranaway, also he has long hair why is he hiding them, I don’t want to be friends with him. Sai says right, look at this crab going jungle instead of water, we need to help the crab and helps carb go back into water, Crab comes out again. Sai puts him back. Prahlad says carb doesn’t want to be in water, don’t force. Sai says but I want him to go back in water. Crab bites Sai. Prahlad says Sai why did you force him, look it got scared and bite you. Sai says didn’t you do same with Kamal. Prahlad says but he sings so well then why be scared. Sai says Prahlad everyone is different and look into Kamals heart and not how he appears. Prahlad says I understood my mistake. Sai says no worries, apologies and patch up.

Kamal locks door and starts crying. Kalavati asks him what is wrong, he hugs her and starts crying. Kamal tells Kalavati what happened. Kalavati says this is why I stop you, Kamal says the reason is you and not Prahlad and others, because you stop me from doing anything and stay locked, I feel suffocated. Kalavati says don’t cry, I will make sheera puri for you. Kamal says you always make me change this topic, why can’t I be the way I want. Kalavati says my work. Kamal says I know you areba dancer but I am not, why should I always suffer.

Supervisor asks Udhav to sign papers. Supervisor thinking of Kalavati and singing her song and eats chocolate. Udhav thinks this means he was there too and everyone wanted to see and touch Kalavati.
Workers walk to Supervisor and says we will work hard and work overtime too can you give us 15₹. Supervisor says I know you want it for Kalavati. They ask Supervisor how was the show. Supervisor says she is so pretty and feel like touching her. They say same here. Udhav hears that and attacks workers. Udhav pushes supervisor too. Supervisor asks them to throw Udhav out. Udhav says dare you talk ill about Kalavati, I don’t want to work here.

Kulkarni scolds Santa Banta for bad tea. A villager walks to Kulkarni and asks for help to see Kalavati’s show and offers to become Kulkarni’s slave. Kulkarni says okay mortgage your cart and leave. He agrees and leaves. Sai walks to him and says Kailash what is this need that you are ready to give your cart.
Kulkarni says Sai good you came and see how Kalavati’s show is profitable for me and your black magic didn’t work and now they will leave you and go to just Kalavati. Sai says Kulkarni says by distracting people of their problems wont save them from their problems and soon they will realise that and who knows Kalavati may stop dancing for others. Kulkarni says Kalavati is no Swarna Bai. Sai says let time say that and leaves.

Kalavati in tears thinks about her past…
Piliya walks to Kalavati and says start working with me and you will get rid of all the loans of your dead husband. Kalavati says I will die but won’t work with you. Piliya says if you won’t pay the loans your child will. Kalavati says no, I will work with you….

Kalavati wipes her tears thinking of Kamal is being affected. Kalavati walks to Dwarka Mai and sees Sai meditating.
Kalavati says to Sai, I have done so much but my child doesn’t understand you, I want to heat because I know you have answers.

Pre cap: Sai says to Kalavati, you are trying to save Kamla from society by trying to make him Kamal, its high time you tell the truth.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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