Message of ‘drug free India’, NCB’s tableau seen for the first time in the Republic Day parade

Republic Day 2023: In the parade organized on the occasion of 74th Republic Day of the country on the path of duty  For the first time, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) presented its tableau. In this ‘Drug free India’ The message was underlined. Some of its personnel were also included in the tableau of the NCB, which came out on the path of duty. The NCB, which takes anti-narcotics action in India, works under the Union Home Ministry.

NCB Deputy Director General Monika Batra had earlier said, ‘‘As far as I know, the tableau of NCB was shown for the first time at the Republic Day parade in Delhi. We are very excited and proud to be a part of the parade.’’ He said, ‘‘The message on the top of the tableau is ‘Drug-free India’

Demonstration of women power in the tableau

Women power was displayed in the tableau of the Ministry of Culture in the Republic Day parade. Its main theme is ‘Shakti Rupen Sansthistha’ Kept. In the tableau of the Ministry of Culture, ‘Devi’ was depicted through various art and dance mediums. format has been demonstrated. Women power was displayed through dance in the tableau in which 326 female and 153 male artists participated.

Devi Pooja performed in Jhanki

479 artists were selected for this program on Republic Day nationwide ‘Vande Bharatam’ Done through dance competition. Classical, folk and traditional mixed dances were performed in the ministry’s tableau and it depicted women power through the five elements earth, water, air, space and fire. This is the second time that the selection of dancers in the cultural program Done through All India Competition. Goddess worship was performed in tableaux and folk dancers enacted traditional goddess motifs.

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