Mexico: Dog was carrying hand in mouth, search found 53 bags full of human remains

Mexico Massacres: In Irapuato, Mexico, a sensational case of 53 bags filled with human remains has come to light due to a dog. A 32-year-old woman went out to search for her missing brother in the city of Irapuato in the state of Guanajuato, reports AFP news agency.

The local people informed her that a dog was carrying a human hand pressed in its mouth. When the woman went to the mentioned place, human remains were found on the spot. Subsequently, Bibiana Mendoza, founder of a women’s group searching for missing persons, discovered the secret grave in this region of Mexico.

The autopsy expert said

Horrifying figures from Guanajuato

Guanahuato is an industrial center of large foreign auto factories. The bodies of nearly 300 victims of gang violence in similar circumstances have been found here in recent months. The report quoted official figures as saying that Irapuato Mexican municipalities, an hour away from the capital of Guanajuato. is the number two ranked city in the U.S. where people feel most unsafe.

Guanahuato is considered Mexico’s most violent state due to cartel battles, where about 2,400 murders were carried out from January to September this year. About 3,000 thousand people went missing during the same period. 

Major tourist destination despite cases of bloodshed

On November 9 of the same month, nine people were murdered in a bar in Apasio el Alto, just an hour away from Irapuato. Images emerged that showed a pile of blood-soaked bodies, broken glasses and bottles and a message claiming responsibility for the attack from the cartel. According to the report, 50 people were killed in five cases of murder in Guanahuato in the last five months. Mendoza says bodies lying in the streets with messages on them are something new to her.

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