Milk worth Rs 100 crore is lying in schools for 4 months, date on date of getting children to feed

Rajasthan News: Milk worth 100 crores is lying in government schools of Rajasthan since 4 months. Getting date on date for milk delivery. The milk lying in the mid-day meal room is not being fed to the children. Teachers say that the distribution of milk has been awaited for a long time. Now it has to be seen whether the expiry date of the milk has passed. Milk was sent to government schools under the Bal Gopal Yojana. The milk kept in the mid-day meal room is not being used. The Rajasthan government had announced to arrange milk in schools for the children of class 1-8. The supply of milk has also started in the schools from the month of September. Milk powder boxes have reached almost all the schools till 1 month back.

The date was announced 4 times but the children did not get milk

The government has declared the date 4 times for feeding milk to the children. At last, the feeding program was canceled. Feeding dates were announced on 1st July, 15th August, 2nd October and 14th November but were canceled at the last moment each time. Now the teachers are waiting when the milk will be distributed. Under the Bal Gopal Yojana, children were to be fed milk two days a week. Milk was purchased at the rate of Rs.400 per kg of powder.

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Mid day meal room with milk powder worth Rs 100 crore

23 lakh 73 thousand 545 kg milk powder was purchased in the entire state. Rs 100 crore was spent on milk purchase. 150 ml of powdered milk is to be distributed to children of classes 1 to 5 and 200 ml of powdered milk to children of classes 6 to 8. 8.4 grams of sugar will be added to 150 ml of milk and 10.2 grams of sugar will be added to 200 ml of milk. 150 ml of powdered milk will be prepared from 15 grams and 200 ml of milk will be prepared from 20 grams of powdered milk for children from 6 to 8th standard.

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