Mini Eye: Scientist made an eye in the lab! Learn how it will work for humans

Mini Eye: You must have heard about the formation of blood in the lab. Some people may not have even heard of blood. Now if you are one of those people then how would you feel if we tell you that scientists have prepared eyes. Surprised? In today’s news, we are going to talk about this. These lab-made eyes are called ‘mini eyes’ The name has been given. This is the first time that scientists have created a 3D mini eye called retinal organoids. It is reported that human skin has been used to make it. Scientists at University College London have developed the Mini Eye. This mini eye also contains the pigments found in the pupil and retina. Know further how this mini eye will be useful for humans.

Humans benefit from the Mini Eye?

According to scientists, earlier research was done on animal cells, but better results were not found. Now many things can be detected from the mini eye prepared from human skin. For example, why does a person stop seeing. The reason for the occurrence of Usher syndrome, in which the ability to hear and see is affected. Apart from this, genetic diseases related to the eyes can be understood, which can help in their treatment. According to scientists, the research on Mini Eye will help in finding a cure for macular degeneration, which occurs after the age of 50, in which the eyesight starts to deteriorate with age

How was the mini eye made?

According to a research published in Stem Cell Report Journal, rod cells in this mini eye have been prepared in the same way as in the retina of our eyes. Rod cells are found in the back part of the eyes. These cells help a person to see things or prepare his vision. These cells make it easier to see things by processing the image. This quality has also been given in lab prepared eyes.

According to the report of DailyMail, to prepare the mini eye, the researchers collected skin cells from a young patient suffering from Usher syndrome. Stem cells were made from this. After this, the process of making the eyes started in the lab. This process was exactly the same as the child grows in the womb for 9 months. Scientists gradually created 7 types of cells in the eye, a thin layer of which can detect light.

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