Misbehavior of Bareilly Police, arrested the elderly father who reached the police station after complaining about the missing child

UP News: In Bareilly, once again the domination of the police has come to the fore. When the elderly couple reached the police office on Monday for the recovery of the missing child for the last seven months, the policemen present there misbehaved with the elderly couple. The elderly were locked in the police station by sitting in a police jeep. After this, the woman sat on a dharna in the SSP office itself, which was explained and pacified by the police. At the same time, the video of police misbehavior has gone viral.

when was missing
The UP police misbehaved with the elderly, which could not recover the young boy of this elderly since seven months till today. But definitely used his power with this elder. In fact, Shivam, the 22-year-old son of Dinesh Kumar, a resident of Atarchedi village of Bisharatganj police station area, left home to go to Jaipur on September 13, 2021, saying that he would take the examination and did not return. The next day after not coming back till late at night and after the mobile phone was switched off, the troubled relatives lodged a complaint with the police. The helpless father is continuously searching for his son for the last seven months. 

what is the matter
after seven months on Monday, when he reached the police office with his wife, he pleaded with the police officers for the recovery of the missing son. So there was a scuffle between the police officer and the couple. After the same conversation, SSP Rohit Singh Sajwan called the police force and misbehaved with the elderly and forced him to sit in a police jeep and locked him in the police station. For seven months, the elderly couple are making rounds from the police station to the police officers. But they are not being heard.

Kya Boli Police
SSP Rohit Singh Sajwan says that Shivam had a love affair with a girl from Aligarh and went to Aligarh while talking to her. After that he has not returned home. The police team has checked Shivam several times at possible places. But there is no concrete information about him. Now Shivam’s parents want to forcibly send some people to jail by putting pressure on the police. That’s why he tries to make the conversation less fussy.

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