Missile attack continues in Chernihiv, Ukraine, Russian soldiers accused of shooting unarmed people

Breaking News LIVE Updates: The people of Ukraine are being displaced in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. The United Nations has said that 600,000 people have been displaced from Ukraine and most of them are women and children. According to the United Nations Refugee Agency, 600,000 people have left the country since Russia started the war on February 24, and 90 percent of them are women and children. Releasing the figures till May 11, the agency has claimed that a total of more than 6 lakh 29 thousand people have left the country. If the agency is to be believed, then these people are taking refuge in neighboring countries as well as Poland.

 Survey can start from tomorrow after the order of the court in Gyanvapi Masjid of Varanasi. On the other hand, the judge, who delivered the verdict in this case yesterday, has expressed concern about his safety. In fact, Civil Judge Ravi Kumar Diwakar, who ordered the continuation of the survey of the Gyanvapi Masjid complex and dismissed the plea to replace the court-appointed lawyer to conduct the video survey of the Gyanvapi-Shringar Gauri complex, on Thursday raised concerns about his security. expressed. 

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