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Scene 1
The doctor tells Mithai that you shouldn’t have put stress on Sid, why did you tell him about your marriage with him? Shubham says I tried to stop her but she didn’t listen. Mithai says you are lying. Shubham says didn’t you tell him everything even after knowing he is ill. Pramod says Mithai is being selfish for herself. Abha says you shouldn’t have told him the truth right now. Mithai says they are lying, the truth is that I caught them. Girish says if you found anything then you should have talked to us instead of going to Sid. Mithai says I am requesting you to just listen to me. Sid comes there and asks the doctor to tell him the truth. The doctor says you had an accident and you have partial amnesia. Sid asks Dadu to tell him if he ever married Mithai? Abha asks him to rest. Sid says just tell me the truth. Dadu says yes the truth is that Mithai is your wife and you both loved each other. You accepted her after much difficulty and then you fell in love with her. Sid is shocked and recalls his memories with her but he recalls only his fights with her. Sid says this is impossible, we are not a match. Dadu says you fell in love which has no bounds. Mithai won you over. Sid says you are still taking her side, this girl keeps making up stories. You know she told me that Shubham and Pramod got me attacked for some international contract. All are shocked. Mithai says that’s the truth, Shubham planned that attack. Sid asks her to stop lying, he is my brother and would never do this. Girish says he is right, Shubham would never harm Sid. Sid tells Mithai not to enter his room ever again. He leaves from there. All family members leave. Mithai is hurt recalling Sid’s words. Dadu and Dadi come there. Dadu calls Pramod and Shubham. All other family members come there too. Girish asks Pramod what’s the truth? He says nothing. Girish slaps him and shouts that I should have done this before. He slaps Shubham hard and says you were trying to put blame on Mithai? She is the one who always supported you. You attacked Mithai and Sid who made you become part of this family? You should be ashamed of doing all this. Shubham says papa.. Girish says just tell me the truth. Pramod says you shouldn’t trust Mithai, she wants to break our family. Girish says you think we won’t trust Mithai? Dadu says Mithai has reunited our family. Abha says I trust Mithai completely, she saved my daughter two times and Pramod tried to play with my daughter’s life. Girish says do you accept your crime now? Pramod shouts yes, we did all that, yes I planned the attack but it went wrong way. We didn’t want to attack Sid, I just wanted Shubham to get his rights. You people threw me out of the business after years of service so I don’t trust you people. Shubham is hard working so he should have right on the business. Shubham says he is right, I did one mistake and you people wanted me to work under Mithai as her worker. Sid did a huge mistake but you people forgave him but I did a small mistake and every power was taken from me? You might have accepted me to cover your sin but you never accepted me fully. I did all this to get my right. Girish says you are talking about rights? I gave you rights as my son but you don’t deserve it. Dadu tells Pramod that we can’t let you harm us anymore, my daughter is your wife so I hope you don’t play any games with her, we won’t tell her anything so it’s your choice to tell her the truth or not. You can’t be here anymore. Pramod glares at him and says you only see my mistakes but you don’t see my wounds, I worked under your son for years but not anymore. He tells Girish that I am not your servant and never was. I will be back soon and will make you all my servants. Girish looks on and asks him to get lost.

Precap: Dadu says to Shubham, you used our love badly but still I’ll do something for you, you will be having a shop of your own and will get the money of your portion after that we will not be related. Sid is talking to Pramod. Pramod says look there Mithai and Shubham are talking to each other. Sid says I’ll go and check. Pramod says let them talk or else we won’t know anything. Mithai leave Shubham. Sid asks Shubham what were you talking to Mithai and why were you begging her. Pramod says Mithai is the culprit for everything.

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