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Scene 1
Dadu tells Mithai that I know you will find a way to earn money and payback your loan. Mithai says I just want to find a way that’s why I am asking you for an advice. Mithai says your idea is to sell sweets so you can start selling from my shop. Mithai says I want to do business, not a job. Dadu says I am talking about partnership. You can sell from my shop and we will be partners. Mithai says that’s a good idea. Dadu says God will help you. Mithai says I can’t take advantage of you, I can’t use your house, your materials and sell it. Dadu says so I will do the calculation, take my cut and then give you the profit. Mithai says that’s a good idea. She comes to Dadi in the kitchen and says I will make my sweets and sell on Dadu’s shop. Chachi says I will come back later on, she leaves. Dadu asks Mithai to start cooking. Dadi asks Dadu why is he doing this before talking to Girish? Dadu says God is doing all this. Dadi looks on.

Gitika comes to Dadu’s house. Pramod says the drama will start now. Girish comes back home and calls everyone there. He says to Dadu that you were trusting this girl but she made a deal with Agarwal. He shows him the video of Mithai talking to Agarwal and says she used you but now is making deals with our competitor. Chachi says but Dadu has allowed her to sell sweets from our shop. Girish says that girl is cheating us, she can sell our recipes to Agarwal. I can’t let her sit in the shop. He tells Sid that you have been helping her mother but see what that girl is up to, they want to cheat us and take money from us. Indu hears all that. Sid says I don’t care about your business or that girl but keep Indu separate from this. Mithai comes there and says I have made sweets for everyone. Girish shouts at her to stop all this drama. Tell us why did you meet Agarwal and what deal did you have with him? Agarwal and his son come there. Mithai says it’s good that you both are here. She serves them her sweets. Agarwal eats it and says this is delicious. Agarwal gives her an envelope and says this is for you. Mithai checks it to find 3 lacs inside. All look on. Agarwal says you wanted this money to start your shop right? You can start making sweets for Agarwals from tomorrow. We will pay off your loan and you can work with us. Mithai says thank you for liking my sweets but I can’t take this money as I don’t want to do this deal. All are surprised to see that. Mithai says I sell my sweets but I don’t sell my skill, I value my honor. My first partner is God and then my second partner is Dadu. I will sell my sweets from Dadu’s shop only. I am sorry but I can’t make sweets for your shop. Agarwal says you can’t see who cares for your talent more. We will wait for you to come to us and make a pact with us. We will keep this money safe for you. They leave. Dadu tells Girish that see her loyalty to us. God sent Mithai for us so I trust her.

Sid tells Dadu that I have to take Indu for a check-up but Mithai can’t find out. Dadu says it’s good that you are thinking about the family now. Sid says Kirti also said that but I do care for my family. Dadu says I know that, you want us to distract Mithai right? I have an idea. He leaves.

Dadu comes to the mandir and says I will make Shubham and Mithai spend time together. Dadi comes there and says you shouldn’t force them together. You did the same mistake before by getting Girish married to Aarti but he didn’t want a wife like her. Sid and Shubham are still paying the price for their relationship. Dadu says I just want them to talk and understand each other. If they like each other then we will move forward.

Apeksha talks to Sid and says he should come to the office tomorrow as they have an important meeting. Sid says I am sorry but I can’t come to office tomorrow, I have to take Indu for her check-up. Apeksha says I know you are worried about her health but you should focus on your work, someone else can take her for the check-up. Sid says I never say no to work but only Dadu and I know about her condition, I can’t send Dadu with her.

Dadu calls the family to him and says I want Mithai to sell her sweets from our shop now. Girish is stunned hearing that.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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