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Scene 1
Mithai enters Sidharth’s house and is stunned to see its big size. Bauji says I need sweets for bhog. Mithai says I have lots for that. She gives jalebis to him. Ginesh looks on. Bauji brings jalebis to the mandir. They all do pooja together. Mithai stands in the back and prays. They all eat her jalebis as parsad. Bauji says her jalebis bring nostalgia. Ginesh asks her to leave after taking the money. Bauji asks him to at least taste it. He tells Mithai that your hands have magic. Mithai says I will be world-famous one day. She gives Mithai to everyone. Ginesh says I don’t want it, he leaves from there.

Sidharth is taking Apiksha to the competition, she says I am excited. Sid says it’s nothing special. Apiksha’s mother says why are you taking us there? We could have come ourselves. Sid says I know your car has gone for service so it’s okay.

Bauji asks how much is her bill? Mithai says I will give you all discounts. She takes her money and leaves the house. Ginesh comes there and asks Bauji to stop talking about all the old days. We have reached new heights after modernizing our sweets. Mithai comes there and asks for the way to the competition, Bauji helps her and she leaves. Mithai is leaving Ginesh’s house but Sidharth arrives there and mistakenly hits her cycle. Mithai is stunned to see all her sweets fallen on the ground. She says this can’t be happening. Sidharth comes to her and asks what are you doing with a cycle? Mithai says can’t you see my cycle? Sid says you are outside my house. Mithai says I was in the house to sell jalebis. Apiksha says just pay her and let her go. Sidharth says she was wrong to park it here. Mithai says I have been with this cycle for years now. Sidharth gives her money and goes into the house. Mithai feels insulted.

Sidharth enters the house with Apiksha, Ginesh welcomes them. Mithai comes to Bauji and says your grandson did damage to my cycle and insulted me. She gives his money back and says he can’t pay it back. I was taking my sweets to the competition but he hit me and I have nothing to take to the competition now. Bauji says do you know that I am the owner of Hari Mohan sweets. Mithai says really? you must know how difficult it is to cook jalebis. I would have won the competition and become a businesswoman but your grandson destroyed my dream. Sidharth says do you want more money? Mithai says I want you to apologize. Sidharth says I was not at fault. Apiksha says we all know you are trying to get more money. Mithai says don’t insult me just because I am poor. Bauji says I am sorry for your loss.

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