Mobile may be small or big or any laptop, only Type-C can be the charging solution for all.

One Country, One Charger: Keeping in mind the increasing e-waste in the country, companies making electric devices have now agreed to make only one charger for some other devices like laptops, mobiles. Not only will there be a reduction in e-waste, but there will also be convenience in charging the device. However, the pattern of any charger has not been finalized yet. A task force set up for this will decide soon. Let us tell you what will be the benefits of single charger port and why it is important.

Important Role of Consumer Affairs Ministry

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs played a major role in taking forward the initiative of One Country One Charger. This decision was sealed in the task force meeting chaired by Consumer Affairs Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh. Also in this meeting, along with many educational institutions like MAIT, FICCI, CII, IIT Kanpur, IIT (BHU), representatives of Ministry of Environment and Central Government Ministries were also present. Along with this, everyone also agreed on a common charger.

The chargers of these devices will be similar

For the latest mobiles, laptops, and other electric devices, everyone has agreed on the USB Type C charger at the moment. But a separate charger can be kept for the feature phone. However, no charger has been finalized yet. A team has been constituted for this, which will soon finalize the format of the charger.

Why One Nation One Charger?

Actually, India is working towards the goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2070. This is another step taken in that direction. Along with this, efforts will be made that maximum components included in it are environment friendly. One country one charger will reduce e-waste, as well as get rid of the problem of different chargers used in the device.

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