Monkeypox in Delhi: Another patient of monkeypox came to the fore in Delhi, 2 suspects also in the hospital

Monkeypox in Delhi: Monkeypox cases have started increasing rapidly across the country. Now another new case related to monkeypox has come to light in Delhi and with this the number of monkeypox patients in Delhi has now increased to 3. The new case related to monkeypox that has come to light is said to be a citizen of African origin. This person was ill for the last few days and after showing symptoms like monkeypox, he was admitted to LNJP Hospital in Delhi on 30th July and then samples were taken for his examination. 

The patient did not have any serious illness: Dr. Suresh
Dr. Suresh Kumar told that at the time of admission he had fever, there were marks on the skin, there were marks on the face too. Headache and body ache were also enough. But now his body temperature has come down a bit and the patient is stable. Suresh Kumar told that he is not suffering from any serious disease and the patient does not even have viral pneumonia, his X-ray report is also completely fine. During this, Dr. Suresh Kumar said that earlier we had placed him in the Suspect category.

Surveillance of people who came in contact with the patient
He told that as soon as that person’s report came and it was found that he is positive, then we have started treating him separately. . At present, the people who have come in the contact of the patient are being traced. While answering the question of how many suspected cases have been admitted to LNJP hospital so far, Suresh Kumar said that last night also a suspect has been admitted in LNJP, after which monkeypox is presently in the hospital. 1 positive patient and 2 suspected patients are admitted.

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