Monsoon Diet: It is beneficial to eat these fruits in monsoon, will also be saved from seasonal diseases.

Monsoon Diet: Immunity becomes weak in rain. Many types of infections and diseases start increasing. In such a situation, it is very important to take the right diet. In the rain, fruits and vegetables also start getting spoiled by water. In such a situation, there are some special fruits whose consumption will keep you away from diseases in the rain. These fruits come only in the rainy season. Eating them will strengthen the immunity and the infection will also stay away. Today we are telling you the names of such fruits which will give you full nutrition in the rain. You must consume them. 

Eat these healthy fruits in monsoon
1- Jamun- Blackberry i.e. Jamun is the fruit of the rainy season. You eat it a lot. Jamun contains a lot of nutrients. Jamun is very beneficial for the diabetic patient. Eating Jamun increases immunity and keeps infections away. 

2- Pear- There is also a pear eaten in the rainy season. This is a very tasty and vitamin rich fruit. Eating pears strengthens the digestive system. This helps in reducing blood sugar and cholesterol. Eating pears rich in vitamin C increases immunity and reduces the risk of heart diseases.

3- Banana- All season fruit is banana. You can also eat banana in the rain. This removes the problem of diarrhea and constipation. Eating banana gives instant energy. Banana contains potassium which helps in keeping the heart healthy. Children also like banana very much. You must eat banana.  

4- Plums- Seasonal fruit of rain is Plums. You can eat this sour-sweet flavored fruit. Plums are rich in Vitamin-C which boosts your immunity. Plums help protect against flu and cold. 
5- Papaya- All Season Fruit also contains papaya. Digestive problems stay away by eating papaya in the rain. Eating papaya strengthens immunity. Eating papaya improves eyesight and keeps the body away from infection. You should eat papaya. 

6- Cherry- In the rain, you must include cherries in the diet. Cherries have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, due to which the skin remains healthy. By eating cherries, the amount of uric acid in the blood is reduced and the patient of arthritis gets relief. This also reduces muscle pain.

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