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The Episode starts with Sushma requesting Soumya to come and meet the guests for her sake. Soumya agrees. She gets ready and comes. She says so sorry, you had to wait for me. Armaan compliments her. Soumya goes away from him. She says actually, Armaan understands a woman’s heart so well, he is a magician, so he can write such beautiful stories. She goes and gets the food for the guests. Sushma says thanks Soumya. Soumya asks her to go, she will get the food. Sushma says come soon. Soumya takes the food. She serves it to everyone. The guests like the food.

The lady thanks Soumya for making the food for them. Soumya says actually, I want to tell you some truth. Armaan and his dad worry. Armaan thinks she can tell everyone that she wrote the show episodes. Soumya says I haven’t prepared this food, sorry, I want the credit for work which I actually did, maybe I don’t get praise for my work, but I can’t lie and snatch someone else’s credit, if you liked the food, then the chef should get praised. The man says Armaan, you had lied that Soumya made the food. The lady says you lied to us, are we a joke, can we trust you while working with you, why did you invite us, you have insulted us. Armaan says alright, I m caught, I m really sorry, it was a sticky situation for me, I didn’t wish to trouble my dearest wife, I didn’t wish to pressurize her, she wasn’t feeling well, so I asked the chef to make food when you all have come, I have lied, you think I m a villain, you know that husbands aren’t the villains in real life. The lady says sorry Armaan, I didn’t know about the inconvenience, we will come other day. Armaan says sit down please, its my request. Soumya says yes, its my mistake, sorry. The lady says Armaan should have planned this for other day, he should have not lied. Soumya says give me some food, I will make food for you and get it, I insist. The guests stay back.

Soumya goes and makes the food. Tara and Sushma come to her. Sushma asks her to do it fast. Soumya says everything is ready. Sushma says you were upset and didn’t cook the food when Armaan told you. Soumya says yes, I won’t let the family respect get spoiled in front of the guests, I don’t have such values. She tells that everything is ready. She asks Tara to take the dishes. Sushma asks is everything done. Soumya says relax. Sushma says I m having tension, it smells good, come fast. Soumya takes the food.

Soumya asks the guests to have the special Indori good. The guests like the dishes and compliment Soumya. Armaan asks Soumya and everyone to sit, servants will serve. The lady says really, we loved the food, tell us, do you love our show or not. Soumya says I have to like it. Armaan says its produced by Oberoi telefilms, they like all the shows I make. The lady says we want to know genuine feedback. Soumya says any story reaches heart when it comes from the heart, the show’s heroine has to get successful for those who want to see her getting unsuccessful. The lady says wow, what a line, we will make the next week promo on this line. Armaan smiles. He says I think that… The lady says wait a min, I want more feedback, can you tell us more. Armaan keeps the spoon in his plate. Soumya gives her feedback. The lady says your thoughts are great. Armaan says of course, lovely thoughts. The lady says thanks for your inputs on the show, we have come to you to get the promo written, who knows, further episodes also. Armaan says sure, I will see you out, come. The guests leave. Armaan gets angry on Soumya. Everyone looks on.

He says you were acting, I had to say sorry to my guests, I had to request them to stay, its all because of you. She asks is it my mistake. He says yes, its my mistake to fall for you and marry you, do you want to celebrate now. She says no, I m not happy, you had to say please to hide your life, not for my truth. He asks how dare you, remember I m your husband, they came here for business, you were talking so much, don’t forget, your identity is you are my wife, you think you are my boss, you don’t know about showbiz, you are an attention seeker. He scolds her.

They argue a lot. Everyone looks on. She says I will talk to you when you calm down. He asks her to say sorry. She says I won’t say when I m not wrong, you should be sorry for what you did last night, leave my hand. He raises hand. Harsh stops Sushma. Soumya holds Armaan’s hand and stops him.

Soumya says you aren’t the Armaan I love. She says one shouldn’t compromise in a relation, I m leaving this house. Sushma asks her to listen. Armaan looks on.

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