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The Episode starts with Harsh saying your wife has stayed back because of Sushma’s injury, your image would have not ruined if this news went out that your wife left the house, but she will go once Soumya gets fine, whatever you want to do, do it fast. Shilpi calls Armaan and says there is a big problem. She tells him. He says don’t worry, I will take care of everything, don’t tell this to Soumya, she is stressed about mom’s accident, I will handle everything, bye. He smiles. Soumya recalls Armaan and cries. kyu….plays.. Armaan comes to the room. She leaves. He tries to help her. He says I have made a mistake and I m really sorry, I m so relieved that you stayed back, we will try to make things fine. She says I will go when Sushma gets fine. He says you are here till then, call me if you need anything. He goes. She sits with Sushma.

Its morning, Sushma refuses to eat. Soumya says you have to get well, have the soup for my sake. Sushma says I will get fine this way, thanks. Soumya takes care of her. days pass. Armaan looks on. Everyone asks Sushma to get up from the bed. They take Sushma out of the room. Armaan holds Soumya’s hand. She gets away. Soumya sees her dad and Shilpi. She hugs them. She asks how did you come here.

Shilpi says dad suffered a heart attack. Soumya asks what, sit down first, when did this happen. Her dad says I m fine now because of Armaan. She asks what. He says I was in the hospital, your mum had gone to her sister’s place so Shilpi called Armaan. Armaan says its good you regard me your son. Shilpi says Armaan arranged everything, he got the best treatment for dad, and then we came here. Soumya asks why did you come, I was going to come. Shilpi says Armaan has offered a job to dad in his company.

Soumya’s dad says I had to ask you first, can I do a job in Armaan’s office. Armaan says you have differentiated between Soumya and me, I asked permission to care for you, don’t I have a right to care for you. Her dad says I can never pay for this favor. Armaan says then pay for the favor. Her dad asks what can I pay you. Armaan says Indore’s samosa. Her dad smiles. Armaan says I got bored of the breakfast here, we will have this today. Everyone eats the snacks. Armaan’s manager comes and asks Soumya to sign some cheques. Soumya checks the cheques. She sees her name.

She asks what’s this, why is my name written here. He calls for attention. He says who will sign then, it’s a thank you gesture, you have cared for my mom and family, I really believe that bahu is the house Laxmi, so you will sign all the cheques from now on. Everyone claps. Shilpi says I m really impressed. Soumya sees the cheque book. Sushma signs Soumya.

Soumya goes to room. Armaan comes from a bath. She turns away. He says don’t get uncomfortable, we are still husband and wife, please listen. She says you didn’t need to do all that. He asks what did I do. She says this fake drama that everything is fine between us, you think you will give me signing authority and help my parents, then you will get forgiven, no, you can’t buy forgiveness with money, don’t show off next time. He says please, it was my duty, it was just doing my duty. She says I won’t accept such gifts in exchange of a slap. She goes.

Doctor says Soumya is pregnant. Armaan says we will start a new life. Soumya asks him to tell the truth to Harsh and Sushma that she is writing his serials.

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