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The Episode starts with Armaan lying in the court. He says Prisha was my friend, I called her for a document, so she came to give it, I m accused falsely, I want Soumya to not get the babies custody, she may try to crack a deal with me in future, she can crack a deal right now, I will give anything to this greedy con woman. Soumya says enough, just shut up, you cheated me, you are doing a drama here, I don’t want any money or property, I just want my babies, I will raise them on my own, without him. She asks Armaan when will you understand, a baby has the first relation with his mum. He says a father manages the burden and cries in private, I can’t say all such lines, I m not a good writer like her, but I m a good man, I was a good husband, I will be a great father, I want to ask, this ambitious woman, how will she care for my kids, she has no job and income, I don’t want their lives to become hell. She says my babies are 7 days old, they need their mum’s milk and love, which you can never give them. Armaan says they are with me since 7 days, they are taken care of. Goldie says you shouldn’t give formula milk to the babies. Armaan says the kids who don’t have mum live on formula milk. Goldie says you are mistaken, babies are fed by Soumya. Armaan says Nannies would be feeding the formula milk to them. Goldie calls the nannies there and asks them. Nanny says babies were fed their mum’s milk. Armaan asks what nonsense, its impossible. Goldie says its possible. Nanny says we got pumped br*ast milk, babies never had the formula milk. Goldie thanks her. He says I m the proof for this, I have gone to Armaan’s house with the pumped milk, his family and the cctv camera footage is the proof.

He says a mum has done this for their babies’ survival, not a dad, who got nannies for the babies, he didn’t pay Soumya for her work, Soumya did a dangerous stunt for money, she can go to any extent, a mum isn’t weak, she can do anything. Soumya cries. Goldie says she has put her life on risk, just a mum can do this, its unfortunate that Armaan wants to separate them from their mum, babies need their mum, Soumya has come here to ask for justice, I request you to give the babies to Soumya, that’s all.

The judge says Soumya keeps her babies on priority, mum is the most imp for the babies, so the court gives the custody to Soumya until the case finishes. Soumya cries and thanks. Judge says Armaan can meet the kids every day for an hour, Soumya can demand alimony if she wins the case in future. Soumya says I don’t want any alimony but my pending work payments. Judge asks him to clear all the payments in 90 days. Armaan says that will be done. Judge says next hearing will be after 7 days. Soumya hugs her parents.

Armaan’s lawyer says don’t worry, we will change the case decision in next hearing. Sushma gives the babies to Soumya and asks her to give much love to the babies. Soumya says I will love them a lot. She scolds Armaan and asks him to think as a dad, then he will understand he is doing wrong. She leaves. Soumya talks to her baby at home. Malini asks her not to worry. Simmi comes to meet Soumya. She says baby is so cute, I m embarrassed to say this to you, but really sorry, you came to me for help, I didn’t help you, I got selfish for my job, I want to rectify my mistake and help you, one person in the industry can give you a job, he can stand against Armaan. Soumya asks who. Simmi says Veena ji, she is a celebrity writer, just she can give you work, you have to meet her today, I took an appointment for you, I m sure that something will happen. Soumya thanks her. Simmi wishes her all the best. Soumya comes to meet Veena. She says I will work and learn from her. She waits there. She meets Veena.

Armaan says my babies are only mine, I need Prisha’s help. Prisha goes and pushes the prams. Soumya shouts seeing the prams sliding.

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