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The Episode starts with Soumya meeting Veena. She introduces herself. Veena says just show your work, ID card isn’t made here, tell me, why shall I give you a chance. Soumya says I can revive a lifeless story by my writing. Veena says fine, prove it. Soumya says I had written the number one show. Veena says that was your past, your present will decide your future, here is the script, write the first scene in the min words, you have 20 mins, until then I m in my Yoga sleep session.

Harsh says its difficult to keep mum away from babies, they are dependant on their mum. Armaan says what we get easily is called charity, I don’t take charity, I give charity, babies are only mine, they will come to me, I need Prisha’s help. Soumya writes the scene. Veena says you are still here. Soumya shows the paper. Veena reads the scene. Soumya prays.

Veena says you are appointed, you got this job. Soumya thanks her. Veena says but I have some conditions, you will write the script by pen, it should be handwritten, I won’t explain the changes I make, you won’t get the credit, you are an assister writer, nothing more than that. Soumya recalls Goldie’s words. She says as you say, I accept all your conditions. Veena says alright, congrats then, there is a boring story here, you said you can fill life in it, try it.

Its night, Soumya takes care of her babies and puts them to sleep. She sits working. Malini comes and feeds her the food. Its morning, Prisha calls her mum. She says Soumya just went out with her babies. Armaan says my kids, Soumya deserves this, she won’t know what happened with her, I gave her my heart but she didn’t deserve it, now she will get a heart attack. Soumya and Shilpi are outside with the babies. Veena calls Soumya and asks her to rewrite the scenes. Soumya says I will call you back later. Veena asks shall I hold your salary, would you like it. Soumya notes down the instructions. She locks the pram wheels. Prisha goes and unlocks the wheels. She pushes the prams. Soumya gets shocked seeing the prams going away. She shouts my babies and runs. Armaan comes and stops the pram. Soumya sees him. The people gather. Armaan asks will you care for my babies this way, if I didn’t come to meet them, then what would have happened. Soumya says I didn’t leave them. The people call her a bad mum to be busy on phone. Armaan scolds Soumya. Shilpi pays the auto driver. Armaan says accept that you are a careless mum, why did you get the babies out. Soumya says I had to take them to the doctor for vaccines. He says you are the best in arguments, I can meet the babies for an hour. He takes the babies. He says well done Prisha, you are so smart. Prisha says I was so stressed. He says everything was planned, so I was there, I won’t let anything happen to my babies, bad will happen with Soumya.

Soumya calls Veena. She says my babies’ stroller lock opened and it rolled on the road, they were meeting an accident. Veena says I m not interested in your family’s daily soap. She scolds Soumya. Soumya says sorry, this won’t happen again, if you can tell me the points again. Veena says I don’t repeat my lines, you just remember it and write the scene. Soumya says sure, thanks. She tries to recall. She thinks I locked the pram, then…

Goldie says I have installed the hidden camera, you can keep an eye on the babies now. Armaan sends Prisha to the babies again. Soumya asks who is there, don’t touch my babies.

Update Credit to: Amena

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