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The Episode starts with Prisha coming to Armaan. He says you look gorgeous. She thanks him. They have drinks. They both admire each other. Armaan smiles. He gets a call. He goes and answers Soumya’s call. He asks how are you now. Soumya says I m feeling okay, mum made me okay, so I have come to surprise you. He gets shocked seeing her. He sees Prisha there. He hugs Soumya. Prisha gets shocked seeing Soumya and goes away. He says I m so happy to see you. she asks where is our table. He says its right there, come. Prisha looks on upset. Soumya asks whose earring is this. He recalls gifting it to Prisha. Armaan says okay fine, the truth is, it belongs to my GF, she was sitting here some time back, so maybe it fell down, shall I show her pic, you can see. She says not funny. He says I don’t know about it, I will give it to the manager. She asks him to make her meet his friend. He thinks Arnab can tell anything to Soumya. He says he was here some time back, he is busy. He takes the earring and keeps it in pocket. He messages Prisha. He asks her to remove the other earring and keep it safe. Prisha worries. Soumya asks what will we eat now. He asks her to decide.

Sushma says I had tried watching an English film yesterday. Kashish says don’t even try, please. Sushma says wife was pregnant in the film, and husband had an affair. Kashish says Armaan doesn’t have an affair, chill, carry on. Armaan and Soumya come home. Prisha comes. She says I went back to office, I forgot phone there. Soumya says you got late. Armaan says right, you could have called me, I would have sent the car. Prisha asks do you send car for all employees, I don’t expect any special treatment. Soumya asks did anything happen in office, you can tell us. Prisha says I just remembered the past incident. Armaan and Soumya ask her to forget it. Soumya asks her to show her hand. Prisha recalls the hotel stamp. Soumya says mum and dad gifted us the same bracelet on Diwali, it looks so pretty. Prisha says yes. Sushma gives mangoes to them. She asks did you talk to your mum, you can go back home. Soumya says I will talk to Mami tomorrow, Prisha was also missing her parents. Armaan says she can go whenever she wants. Sushma says Harsh asked me to talk to Prisha’s family. Prisha thinks I won’t go from here until I make Soumya out.

Its morning, Prisha meets Soumya. She apologizes. Armaan looks on. She says I want to shift to some PG. Soumya says wow, its good. She asks Armaan to check the house and meet the landlord. Armaan says I will go, let me know Prisha when to go. Prisha thanks them. He takes the earring. He messages Prisha. He says I will make up for my mistake and get you a princess cut diamond necklace. Prisha says I will not put you in such situation again, I promise you. She goes. Prince comes and says I don’t want to drink the milk. Armaan drops the earring there. He makes Prince drink the milk. Soumya asks Armaan to come soon, she has enrolled for Lamaze class. Kashish explains it to Sushma. Sushma says breathing class, is there class to teach that also. Kashish asks her to follow trends, and get upgraded.

Soumya gets the earring and asks Armaan about it. She thinks to go to the club and ask about the earring.

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