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The Episode starts with the reporters coming to take Soumya’s interview. Armaan sees Soumya. He says I m also very proud of her. He thinks she is dreaming to walk equal to me. He asks the reporters to come in. Harsh says control your wife. Armaan says relax, not now, its about my image, think what will happen if its about me. Soumya gives the interview. She tells that even rich people wear sarees, it’s a value and thinking, if Sushma took a stand, then many women joined her. The lady says it wasn’t difficult for Sushma to get any outfit. Soumya says right, but our silence means wrong if we support wrong. Sushma looks at her. Soumya says Oberoi family ladies will never tolerate any wrong, right. Sushma nods.

Soumya and Sushma pose for the pics. The lady gives the award to Sushma for supporting the truth. Soumya gives the award to Sushma. Sushma says Soumya is world best. She hugs her. Soumya cries. Harsh calls out Sushma and says Prince has come. She recalls his words. Soumya says whatever you do will be right. Harsh asks Sushma to apologize to Prince. Armaan comes. Sushma asks Prince to go and change, his mum is making lunch ready for him. Prince goes. Harsh gets angry on Sushma. Soumya says Sushma didn’t say sorry to Prince, because it would be wrong, you also wanted this, right. Armaan goes. Tara looks on and asks do you believe in what you said. Soumya says you are Prince’s mum and will do the best for him, when he respects you, he will learn respecting others, do whatever you find right. Armaan sees Soumya’s pic. He gets angry recalling everything. Soumya comes and says I got appreciation because of you, I want your support.

He asks are you the same girl who came with an ambition of becoming a writer, or a poster girl. He says you will always be my wife, my life partner, Mrs. Soumya Armaan Oberoi, I couldn’t understand you ever.

She says I m still the same Soumya who you loved, but yes, it creates a difference, what you liked in me, I m sure that you will see my truth one day. Its morning, Tara begs to Harsh and asks him not to oust her. Harsh says enough, I won’t see anyone breaking my rules. She says no, I can’t stay without Prince. He asks what’s the big deal if Prince has thrown the tiffin. She says I wanted him to value food. He says you forgot Prince’s value for us, enough, get out. He ousts her. Soumya says you didn’t do this right. Harsh warns Sushma and says you didn’t listen to me and apologize to Prince, you will be out next time, teach this to your bahu too. Soumya says its injustice, Tara has a right on her son. Sushma says no one has a right, just Harsh and Armaan have the right. Soumya says its happening wrong, my dad used to hear us and help us like a friend. Sushma says your dad doesn’t know that a son is precious, he doesn’t have any son. She asks Prince to come, what will he have now. Soumya says I won’t let anything wrong happen with Tara. Armaan comes home and sees Soumya sitting at the door step. He asks why are you sitting here. She says Harsh has ousted Tara, its wrong, I will sit here until Tara comes back, Harsh behaved wrong, its Tara’s family too, how can she stay without her son and family. Armaan says we can talk inside. She says no, we won’t talk until Tara comes back. He says okay fine, I promise, I will get her. She says I knew it, you will understand me, I will sit here and wait for her. She smiles.

Soumya asks Sushma what is she doing. Sushma cries. Soumya says I feel guilty when I lie to the family and write, I can’t write for your show.

Update Credit to: Amena

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